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This Costa Rica Sanctuary Will Make All Your Dog Dreams Come True

This Costa Rica Sanctuary Will Make All Your Dog Dreams Come True

. 2 min read

You know that recurring vacation fantasy you have? The one in which you frolic through tropical meadows with hundreds and hundreds of adoptable dogs before cuddling for hours as the sun dips into a brilliantly colored sky? Yeah, that one.

That place actually exists. And you can go there. (Take a minute to breathe into a paper bag if you need).

Territorio de Zaguates (otherwise known as The Land of Strays), is a volunteer-run dog sanctuary in the hills of Costa Rica's Santa Barbara mountains. Over 900 lucky dogs call this fantasy land their home, from which they receive food, shelter, neutering and often find a new family. This no-kill sanctuary has an active adoption program, which means that many a tourist goes home with the souvenir of all souvenirs. Move over, dashboard hula dancer.

Open to the public, visitors can stop in for a visit where they can help feed and bathe the dogs, or even schedule a hike with a herd through the foothills. It's a full-on love fest for dog-adoring tourists who are helping to spread awareness and find homes for this special group of Costa Rica's overwhelming population of stray dogs, one selfie at a time. (No worries if you can't take one home, there is no high-pressure push for adoption.)

Add The Land of Strays to your bucket list, book your trip, and start drafting the captions for the obnoxious 'gramming that will ensue. There are about 900 dogs, after all, and you wouldn't want any left out.

Follow Territorio de Zaguates on Facebook and Instagram.

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Photo credits: Andrew George and Territorio de Zaguates Official

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