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How Wags and Walks Is Helping High Risk Rescue Dogs Find a New Home

How Wags and Walks Is Helping High Risk Rescue Dogs Find a New Home

. 2 min read

When Lesley Brog adopted her Pit Bull, Dunkin, in Los Angeles almost ten years ago, she wasn't intending on starting a non-profit rescue organization. She was a pharmaceutical sales representative, volunteering with dogs in her spare time. But what once was a passion on the side quickly became an obsession, an addiction—and in 2011, Wags and Walks was born.

Devastated by the number of seemingly healthy dogs being euthanized due to overcrowding in LA high-kill shelters, she set out to create a safe haven for them. Specifically, Brog wanted to focus on dogs that needed special medical attention--those that needed expensive surgeries they couldn't otherwise afford. Once rehabbed, she would help them find a foster home and get adopted.

Over the past 8 years, Wags and Walks has saved over 4,200 dogs--1,200 in 2018 alone. Through their Dogs in Need program, the organization has helped rescues who need ACL and hip surgery, those with dental disease, broken limbs and parvo get the care that they need and recover. For the past few months, Ollie has been supporting these pups by donating money for their medical expenses, as well as sending them our food. Here are some of the dogs we've helped:


This sweet Pit Bull had some serious gastrointestinal issues. Ollie helped her stomach recover and now she's a happy eater!


This English Bulldog is incontinent and needed high quality food to help her condition. Ollie has eased some of her discomfort.

If you'd like to help support Wags and Walks and the awesome work they do with dogs, you can volunteer with them if you're in Los Angeles or donate to the cause. Follow them on Instagram for updates on their latest rescue pups!