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Virtual Vet Help That Will Come To Your Pup's Rescue

Virtual Vet Help That Will Come To Your Pup's Rescue

. 2 min read

It’s 10pm on a Thursday, you walk into your kitchen to grab a late-night snack and find yourself face-to-face with a guilty-looking pup surrounded by a destroyed chocolate wrapper, soap dispenser, or something else not-so-dog-friendly. Ruh, roh. The vet is definitely closed now, what should you do?! A new breed of virtual vet services is coming to the rescue, offering late night video chats, texts, and professional diagnoses for those times when you need an expert pup opinion ASAP.

If You Need To Talk To A Vet Stat

Vet On Demand allows you to have a real-time video chat with a licensed vet 24/7. Once you register your pup and upload their medical history, you can choose to pay a one-time $40 fee for a 10-minute consultation, or set up a monthly subscription plan ($9.99 per month). Then, when crisis strikes after hours or you're far from home, you can simply log on and within minutes, set up a call. They’ll advise you as to whether you can resolve the issue at home or need to rush to an animal hospital. Everything you and the vet discussed will be stored in the app, so you can pass it along to your dog’s regular vet too.

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If You Need Fast Advice For Free

For a quick and easy answer to your pet health-related questions, check out Ask.Vet, an service that allows you to text with a licensed vet for free. All you have to do is send your question to their number, and they'll connect you with the appropriate doc. They also have a live stream displaying the text chats that they have with customers, allowing pet parents to search for other expert advice that’s being offered. They’ll help put you in touch with a local vet if they think your pup needs in-person care. If you want to step it up and do a video chat, you can do that for $10-$15.

If You Want Real Time Advice From Pet Experts

PetCoach offers reliable, fast and free advice to concerned dog parents around the clock. This free app allows you to message experts including vets, trainers, and canine nutritionists. You can ask questions about your pup's health concerns and training in an open forum, or you can pick an expert and talk with them directly through an online consultation. PetCoach also offers an educational center on their app where they have helpful articles about breeds, nutrition, and behavior, all written by certified vets for you to access at any time.

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