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7 DIY Healthy Treats to Cure Bad Doggie Breath

7 DIY Healthy Treats to Cure Bad Doggie Breath

. 2 min read

Waking up to your pup's kisses? Sweet. Not so sweet? Your dog’s morning breath (which doesn't seem to go away throughout the day.) Brushing their teeth daily can help, but so can the kind of treats you feed them. Instead of store-bought ones, whip up some of these easy snacks made with natural ingredients that have breath freshening qualities:

Mint Buckwheat Biscuits


Lola the Pitty

Don’t let the name deceive you—these grain-free, protein-rich treats are actually made from fruit seeds. They're also packed with chopped mint to freshen your pup's breath.

Charcoal Breath Brushes


Darla Cooks

Activated charcoal is a hot ingredient for humans, but it can also help absorb toxins that cause stinky pup breath. Combined with chlorophyll, mint and parsley, these treats settle upset puppy stomachs too.

Pumpkin Apple Mint Treats


Damn Delicious

The mint and parsley combo in these pumpkin-based treats works together to freshen you pup’s foul breath, while also helping to soothe your pup’s stomach by reducing gas and nausea.

Frozen Parsley Treats


DIY Dog Mom

Cool down your pup this summer while giving them icy fresh breath with these frozen herbal treats. The mint and parsley pair mask smelly breath, and a sprinkle of turmeric can aid in your pup's digestion.

Minty Green Bones


Eating with Emmy Lou

These frozen treats get their minty fresh color from vitamin-rich spinach, and the fresh parsley works to keep your pup's bad breath at bay.

Mint Dill Treats


12 Tomatoes

These paw print biscuits are packed with mint, parsley and dill—antimicrobial herbs that curb bad breath—plus coconut oil to improve your pup's digestion and reduce allergic reactions.

PB and Peppermint Bites


Everything Etsy

The basil in these treats contains antiviral and antioxidant properties which promote your pup's overall health. Peppermint oil and peanut butter make them extra tasty.

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