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20 June 2021


5 Traveling Dog Dads Who Never Leave Home Without Their Pups

We appreciate all of the dog dads out there—doing the sometimes thankless work of taking care of their pups. It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it to have those furry companions by your side! So this Father’s Day, we want to inspire you to enjoy more time with your favorite pup by traveling with […]

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We appreciate all of the dog dads out there—doing the sometimes thankless work of taking care of their pups. It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it to have those furry companions by your side! So this Father’s Day, we want to inspire you to enjoy more time with your favorite pup by traveling with them. Yes, it can be done! And we’ve got some pretty incredible stories for you about traveling dog dads who have devoted their lives to doing just that.

Being a dog dad traveler is becoming more and more common—but it’s not a new thing. Did you know that the famous author, John Steinbeck, was a traveling dog dad too? Back in the 1960s he realized that he did not truly know his own country. So he put a camper on the back of his truck, picked up his furry companion, Charley, and they spent three months traveling the U.S. together. These journeys inspired him to write the book, Travels with Charley.

These days, we get to join in on adventures with the modern-day traveling dog dads, thanks to social media! We can live vicariously through their journeys or we can learn from their experiences and start our own.

Dogs make the best travel companions because they want to be where you are. They love car rides, hiking, and swimming… plus cozying up next to you at night. And on top of that, you’ll never hear them complain!

To help inspire you to start your own dog dad travels, check out these astonishing stories about devoted dog dads, and their choices to travel the country—or even the world—with their furry best friends.

Lee Asher

Founder of The Asher House

Courtesy of Lee Asher via Instagram‌‌ Photo: https://www.instagram.com/p/B4-gNi2gIiL/

This incredible dog dad not only rescued his dogs but has dedicated his life to promoting pet adoption and rescuing, rather than shopping for pets. Lee Asher quit his corporate job making six figures in 2017 to travel around the United States with his 11 rescue dogs in a converted school bus.

Why would he do that? To start an organization called The Asher House. “The Asher House is on a mission to make this world a better place, one rescue animal at a time.” Lee works one-on-one with animal shelters and humane societies across the U.S., “hosting events where sheltered dogs are showcased in a positive light giving them the chance and opportunity to find a loving home.” Have you ever met a more dedicated dog dad than this?!
And don’t worry—the dogs don’t stay on the bus all day. If you check out @TheAsherHouse on Instagram, you’ll see all of the fun, outdoor adventures Lee and his furry family go on together!


of Mark & Mya’s Adventures

Courtesy of Mark. via Instagram‌‌ Photo: https://www.instagram.com/p/CPtquqcrFHU/

Mark & Mya’s Adventures are all about a dog dad and his pup traveling the world together, and sharing their experiences with their followers. Mark is “An Aussie guy with a strong love for the outdoors, adventure and travel.” He tries to encourage other pet parents to have the confidence that they can travel with their dog too.

Mark loves skiing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, mountain biking, multi-day hiking, rock climbing, and kayaking. And “after his father passed away unexpectedly with unfulfilled dreams, he wanted to travel to North America, but couldn’t bear to leave his furry best friend Mya behind.”

Mark started by just posting pictures of his and Mya’s trips together. But it quickly grew into a social community where he inspired others to fulfill their dreams too. He is now able to share safe and helpful tips for other dog dads and dog moms to travel with their pups. You can follow their trips, exploration, and adventures on Instagram @mark_and_myas_adventures, and even check out an interview with Mark & Mya on YouTube.

Tom Turcich

The man traveling the globe by foot with his dog

Courtesy of Tom Turcich via Instagram‌‌ Photo: https://www.instagram.com/p/CJOkJzPhjG9/

Tom Turcich wanted to adventure off the beaten path and decided that walking was the best way to do that. He realized how fleeting life was when one of his best friends passed away at age 17. He needed to make the most of his life and wanted to experience humanity in the deepest way possible.

Believe it or not, Tom has been traveling by foot over the last five years, visiting more than 35 countries with his furry best friend, Savannah.

Tom officially started his travels on his 26th birthday. After 4 months of traveling alone, he realized he needed a furry companion to travel with. So when he arrived in Austin, TX, he decided to visit an animal adoption center. That’s where Savannah joined Tom’s journey!

He loved having her along for the ride. But their travels weren’t all great. Not only was the trip physically demanding, but Savannah got sick. She almost died from a tick bite, until locals in Chile helped them get to a veterinarian. Thankfully, she completely recovered!

Through times like this, Tom learned the beauty of kindness from strangers. He realized that throughout all the different villages and countries, some “surface-level things change, but all anyone really wants to do is make a little money, and spend time with their family. That’s universal.”

Hunter Lawrence

Photographer and world traveler

Courtesy of Hunter Lawrence via Instagram‌‌Photo: https://www.instagram.com/p/BvmVubmphkx/

Hunter Lawrence and his wife, Sarah, are both photographers and travelers who go on journeys with their baby boy, Ira, and of course… their lovable dog, Aspen. They adopted Aspen when he was just six-weeks-old, and then the adventures began!

Aspen loves going kayaking, hiking, and swimming with his pet parents. And loves getting to be with them wherever they go—especially in their VW camper. Hunter loved these adventures with Aspen so much, he made an Instagram page just for his furry best friend: @aspenthemountainpup.

This family is a wonderful example of traveling with dog children, human children, and just enjoying the journey of the great outdoors. Whether it’s adventuring around their home state of Colorado, or exploring the open roads throughout the United States, Hunter will always tell Aspen, “The road sure is better with you by our side.”

Jordan Kahana

Rescued abandoned puppies

Courtesy of Jordan Kahana via Instagram Photo: https://www.instagram.com/p/CNVcA4bl9As/

This dog dad traveler actually rescued his two adorable puppies from being abandoned “in the middle of nowhere, Arizona.” Jordan Kahana was on a road trip in Arizona to visit the Grand Canyon when he found these two tiny puppies walking along the side of the road. Jordan took them to an animal hospital right away.

They were extremely dehydrated and needed their vaccination shots. But the vet took care of them, and they were ready for a new adventure with their new dog dad. Jordan and his two new furry companions then began their travels together as the “Adventure Squad.” They have visited 12 National Parks, driven through 35 states, and have gone over 35,000 miles on their journeys in his van.

Jordan is a freelance digital director, which makes it easier for him to be mobile with his pups. He said, “I’m used to traveling by myself, but it has been great to have some companionship.” Yet another great example of being a dog dad traveler!

Traveling with a Dog

Even if you can’t travel all the time with your furry best friends, you can start small. Try taking a weekend camping trip with your pups, or visiting distant family together. Get inspired for your first or next trip with our list of most dog-friendly national parks. And don’t forget to check out these tips for road tripping with your pup. There’s no better day like the present to begin a new journey with your favorite road trip companions.

Hitting the road with your pup this summer? Share your tales and tails of adventure by tagging @myollie on Instagram or shoot us an email at stories@myollie.com

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