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8 Things Only Yorkie Parents Understand

8 Things Only Yorkie Parents Understand

. 2 min read

Don’t be fooled by their small size—the Yorkie is a breed that takes up a big space in their humans’ hearts and lives. One look in their alert little faces and you know there’s a lot more to love than meets the eye. These are a few of the things about them if you've got one tucked into your arm right now:

Their favorite mode of transportation is a purse.

Legs? Who needs legs? Yorkies prefer to be toted around over your shoulder.

They enjoy a regular spa day.

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Yorkies enjoy a regular wash and blow out—and they understand the need to constantly refresh accessories.

They demand more attention than your cell phone.

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It’s not that they don’t respect your busy schedule, it’s just that there’s sort of an unwritten rule that you’ll cuddle at least every 25 minutes.

Their itinerary is your itinerary.

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There’s a reason for the Yorkie’s purse preference—they want to go with you anywhere and everywhere.

They’d rather not have your friends over for dinner.

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Unless they have known your friends since birth, the Yorkie will treat houseguests to a range of suspicion and displeasure.

They're not afraid of bigger dogs.

With no clue about their size disadvantage, the Yorkie is not afraid to cuddle up to pups 10 times their size.

They are true foodies.

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Some use the term picky eater to describe Yorkies, but they can’t help their discerning taste.

They might be troublemakers, but they are rarely in trouble.

It’s true that the Yorkie is a bit high-maintenance, but it’s nothing an adorable tilt of the head can’t resolve.

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