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10 Things Only Poodle Parents Understand

10 Things Only Poodle Parents Understand

. 3 min read

You may think you know the poodle—the only dog with as many consistent good hair days as Beyoncé—but there is more to this regal breed than their natural good posture and panache. Those who know poodles best can tell you that their beauty is more than skin deep. Just a few of the things that make these pups so lovable:

They could probably do your taxes

Poodle parents are continually amazed by their intelligence. They are particularly adept at learning complex tricks, like how to open the pantry door and retrieve your favorite coconut chips.

They love a day at the beach

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Originally bred as duck and water fowl hunters, poodles don’t mind making a big splash=. Their agility and long, lean legs make them not only great swimmers, but give them the Baywatch bod of dog breeds.

They keep their hair to themselves

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Those enviable corkscrew curls are a thing of wonder, but poodle parents never have to wonder if the couch is covered in them before company comes. This non-shedding breed is perfect for neat freaks and families with allergies.

But they need a punch card at the salon

Like most creatures with gorgeous hair, there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes upkeep. Regular grooming for poodles means shampoos and trims every 3 to 6 weeks, and regular brushing between. Toenail polish optional.

They need positive reenforcement

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More than most breeds, poodles are truly a product of their training. Firm boundaries and consistency from the beginning will pay off in a big way, and inconsistency will result in a dog who sees the toilet paper roll as a reel of never-ending fun.

They make use of their gym membership

Just as happy in an apartment or big home as in the suburbs, the poodle’s only real requirement for everyday happiness is plenty of exercise. Whether it’s running, swimming or chasing a toss toy, poodles rely on regular cardio to keep trim and curb boredom.

They cry a little listening to Adele

Poodles are known for their weepy eyes, which makes them seem even more emotionally aware, but can also stain their hair. Keep alcohol-free pet wipes stocked for everyday use (and for whenever “Someone Like You” plays).

They like your friends, but…

Give poodles time to warm up. They are naturally affectionate and playful with their families, but can give off a “You can’t sit with us” vibe to newcomers. Not to worry, it’s not snobbery, it’s loyalty to their family first.

They choose their words carefully

Part of the dignified air of poodles is their ability to hold their tongue. Barking and yapping are rarely a problem with this breed, which makes them a favorite among neighbors and the delivery guy.

They're gonna miss you when you’re gone

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Don’t mistake their good manners and self-possession for independence. Poodles love their families and compose long melodramatic sonnets in their heads during time apart (or at least that’s what they look like on the doggie cam).

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