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10 Things Only Foster Pup Parents Understand

10 Things Only Foster Pup Parents Understand

. 3 min read

We are BIG fans of fostering, here at Ollie. In addition to supporting foster pups through the rescue organizations we work with by feeding them our food, our employees foster dogs too—taking them into their home while they search for their forever homes. It's one of the most awesome things you can do to support the canine community—because when you foster one dog you're actually making room for another dog in that shelter. Needless to say, we understand both the prideful joys and occasional challenges of fostering. You'll be nodding your head in agreement with us if you do too.

There will be poop.

A lot of poop. Especially with puppies. One of our foster pups actually managed to poop on a coffee table. Even when you think they're done, there's more.

Or no poop?!

Particularly with adult dogs, their regular bathroom routine can get so messed up they stop going altogether. Another foster pup didn't pee for two days!

Expect 3am wake-ups.

No, you do not have a newborn baby. But a new foster pup may sleep like one—even if they're full grown. It takes a while for them to get comfy and snooze in their new surroundings.

Your pockets are filled with treats.

You'll want to reward these pups for everything and anything they do well—even if it's coming close to sitting when you ask. So you'll keep treats everywhere!

You'll sharpen your PR skills.

You can add public relations to your resume, because you'll be talking up your foster pups on every social media platform (to the point where you might drive your friends crazy!)

Weekends become adoption events.

Whether you're out on the street and getting stopped with your foster pup or visiting with prospective adopters, you're spending your Saturdays and Sundays trying to find a happy home!


The leash, the bandana, the vest—the gear situation is out of control with foster pups. Hey, you gotta get them noticed!

It's addictive.

The rush you get when your foster finds a home will make you want to do it again and again—even if you think you want a break, you'll find yourself with another pup a few weeks later.

You're totally breed agnostic.

Maybe you've always loved Labs—but when you start fostering, it won't matter anymore. Whether the pup is a Mastiff or a mutt, you'll wind up being obsessed with it.

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Your heart will grow ten sizes.

Yes, it can be heartbreaking to say goodbye to a foster pup you've become attached to. But you're also over the moon that they've found their forever family. Plus now you've got space to let another lucky pup into your home!

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