13 Things Only Dog Moms Understand

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You definitely didn't give birth to your dog—and its ten squishy siblings—but your pup probably inspires some pretty maternal feelings. You celebrate every milestone (he lifted his leg to pee!), think about them constantly when you are apart (I wonder if she's missing me too?), and physically ache whenever they are hurting. This is what we like to affectionately term being a "dog mom," and you know you're one for sure when...

...you edit your phone's at-capacity photo gallery by deleting pictures of people in order to save the ones of your dog.

...you mistrust people who don't have dogs. (Seriously, something's up with them.)

...you know the difference between a playful head shake and an ear infection head shake.

...you own more than one coffee mug with a dog reference on it (because it's true that "Mornings can be RUFF" and also that "I don't care who dies in the movie as long as the dog lives").

...you know when that dog park bark means 'I-like-how-your-butt-smells-and-I-want-to-play' and when it means 'I-don't-like-how-your-butt-smells-and-I-might-bite-you!'

...you and your dog find the same animals (and people) annoying.

...you are guilty of sharing more than three dog videos with friends in any given week.

...you have hung your dog's obedience school certificates on the fridge.

...you have the groomer on speed dial and only make appointments when Trisha is in, because Trisha really gets your dog.

...you're PDA-phobic, but have no problem with your dog licking all your makeup off.

...you're pretty sure you knew your dog in another life and that you have made an eternal pact to find each other.

...you know exactly which toy your dog wants at any given time, because isn't it obvious? He always does that when he wants to play tug-of-war with the purple rope lizard.

...you know your dog's languages of love: namely, peanut butter and squeaky balls.

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Gabby Slome

NYC native. Certified canine nutritionist. Equestrian. World traveler. Columbia Business School grad. Healthy eater. Mom to the best mutt in the world, (well according to me), Pancho.