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These Working Dogs Deserve Some Labor Day Love

These Working Dogs Deserve Some Labor Day Love

. 2 min read

While some of us expect our dogs to fetch our slippers/newspaper/remote control as we put up our feet for Labor Day weekend, there are some hard-working dogs who won't be available to do such favors. That's because they are busy doing their actual jobs. Meet a few of the pups working literal dog days in an array of serious careers, from K9s keeping us safe to those who are sniffing out truffles for our dinner. They're who we'll be celebrating this Monday.

This team of K9s in Las Vegas is performing a firearms familiarization drill, which allows working dogs to be able to perform their duties during the chaos of gunfire.

Working dogs firearms familiarization dogs


Holiday weekends mean overtime for water rescue dogs like Luna, who is always ready to jump in and get wet to save a life.

Working dogs water rescue dog


Tuck the German Shepherd is a dedicated farm hand who works for toy balls and belly rubs.

Working dogs farm hand dog


When she's not wagging her impressively long tongue, Jess sniffs out dangerous dry rot undetectable by human noses in buildings in the UK.

Wokring dogs mold detecting dog


No snow is no problem for this team of Swedish champion sled dogs, keeping up on a tough summer training schedule by pulling an ATV.

Working dogs sled dogs


Your taste buds can thank these Australian truffle-hunting dogs for sniffing out Nature's hard-to-find edible gold.
Working dogs truffle-hunting dogs


Warrior is the name of this ranger dog whose job is to protect elephants from poachers at Loisaba Conservancy in Kenya.

Working dogs Elephant-saving ranger dog


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