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The Most Adorable Adoptable Pups in NYC Right Now

The Most Adorable Adoptable Pups in NYC Right Now

. 2 min read

Picture this: You're watching adorable 3-month-old Pit Bull puppies being walked down a runway by actual American heroes while drinking Aperol spritzes. And you get to take one of them home! (The puppies not the heroes.) No this is not a fantasy we dreamed up—this is the reality of this past Saturday at the Mr. Bones and Co. annual Rescue the Runway event, which Ollie was a proud sponsor of. The non-profit supports canine rescue through its One Lucky Pup program, which specializes in dogs facing major challenges, from surgery to breed discrimination. They teamed up with a number of other rescue organizations including Animal Haven, Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue, and Thank Dog Rescue to support that program and help some awesome dogs find their forever families. Every dog that walked the runway won our hearts but these five made them melt into a puddle of puppy mush:

Mr.Bones and Co Rescue the Runway rescued dog

This sweet pup's name is John Darling, and he is one of of the nine "Peter Pan" puppies who were rescued along with their mom from North Carolina. Swoon.

Mr.Bones and Co Rescue the Runway dog eating Ollie food

"Detective Shannon Mullins" was so obsessed with our food, she came back for seconds! And attempted thirds before her foster dad redirected her attention.

Mr.Bones and Co Rescue the Runway rescued dog and Veteran

Meet floppy-eared Josh, who was rescued from the Cayman Islands and was escorted by US Army Veteran Aubry Arcangel.
Mr.Bones and Co Rescue the Runway dog on runway

3-month-old Pistachio pretty much stole the show, with his perpetually wagging tail. Little guy is a Parvo survivor!

Mr.Bones and Co Rescue the Runway rescue dog and firefighter

The other "detective" in the group, Bunk Moreland, was lapping up the attention with his FDNY escort Jose Cordero.

If you'd like to apply to adopt one of these shelters' awesome dogs, you can do so through their websites.

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