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4 March 2023


Tips for Organizing Your Ollie

Keep your pup’s mealtime routine neat and tidy with these organizing tips and tricks from the Ollie pack.

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For many of us, dog parenting can only be described as organized chaos: lots of crazy, unhinged moments that somehow add up to a daily routine. At Ollie, we always try to keep it real. We know a good amount of your pup’s meals might be served as you run out the door or between Zoom calls or a laundry list of chores, so we gathered up our best tips for keeping mealtime organized for at least one of your family members — your pup.

Make Space

With Ollie, your pup’s meals arrive on a regular schedule of your choosing. We let you know when your delivery is on its way, which is a great cue to clear some space in your freezer and fridge for your pup’s food. 

Stack the Packs

We designed our fresh packs to neatly stack in your freezer and fridge. When unpacking our deliveries, try organizing your packs by recipe to make it easier to rotate your pups’ menu regularly and consistently. 

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Store & Serve

The star of the Ollie Welcome Kit is undeniably the Puptainer. The perfect vessel for storing, defrosting, and even serving Ollie’s fresh food, the Puptainer is a mealtime game-changer. The lidded container even makes a great on-the-go lunchbox for pups who’ve got places to be and butts to sniff.

Personalize Your Puptainer

If you have multiple dogs or send your pup to daycare, labeling their Puptainer is a simple way to keep their meals organized in the fridge. Don’t be afraid to bust out the label maker or decorate your Puptainer with stickers to add some personality and pizzazz to their routine. 

Rinse and Repeat

Make sure to wash your Puptainer, scoop, and bowl regularly to keep bacteria at bay and your pup safe. All items included in your Welcome Kit are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

Got a routine hack you’d like to share with the pack? Tag @ollie on Instagram and show us your Ollie Shelfies. 

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