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Sweet Ways to Memorialize Your Beloved Pup

Sweet Ways to Memorialize Your Beloved Pup

. 1 min read

Dogs aren’t like family—they are family. Any pet parent will tell you that. So when your pup passes away, it's beyond heartbreaking. While nothing can replace losing your best friend, there are some thoughtful things you can do to celebrate their lives now that they're in dog heaven.

Support a meaningful pup cause
Your dog was one-of-a-kind, and donating in their memory can be too. If your pup was a Pitbull, consider donating money, supplies (or time!) to your local Bully rescue.

Plant a seed in their park
Besides the spot next to you on the couch, the park was your pup's happy place. To ensure they'll always be a part it, plant some flowers you’ll walk by or be able to visit often.

Commemorate their nose
Just like our fingerprints, every dog’s nose print is unique. Take a cast of your pup's schnoz (or send it out to a place like this) to wear as a necklace. You can also turn their tag into a bracelet like this.

Immortalize their paw Dip your beloved pup's paw in black paint or take an impression in clay and have it framed.

Capture their spirit
Take alllllll those iPhone photos and create a sweet collage in the shape of a heart. Or commission a custom portrait of your pup as a keepsake.

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