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14 February 2022


Ollie Recipe Spotlight: Beef Dish with Sweet Potatoes

Beef is a hearty red meat protein that most dogs crave—and for good reason. In addition to beef’s enticing flavor, this meat contains a bounty of essential nutrients that fuel your pup’s internal processes and fortify their overall health.

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Beef is a hearty red meat protein that most dogs crave. Although your pup may eye your ribeye or fawn over your filet, you should serve your dog a beef meal that is healthier for them. Ollie’s beef recipe for dogs delivers the flavor they crave, along with high-quality nutrition crafted just for pups. Learn how we make our delicious food, including our carefully selected Fresh Beef With Sweet Potatoes recipe ingredients.

Ollie’s Fresh Beef Recipe for Dogs

When Ollie’s Fresh Beef is “what’s for dinner” in your dog’s bowl, you can feel confident that your pup is receiving top-shelf nutrition and irresistible flavor. We use only fresh gently cooked ingredients in our Fresh Beef recipe, including:


Our beef recipe for dogs features human-grade beef, which is the same quality you eat and feed your family. We combine this muscle meat with organ meat, including beef heart, liver, and kidney. Organ meat is an excellent lean protein, vitamin, mineral, and iron source. However, because organ meat is extremely rich, supplementing your pup’s diet—Ollie or otherwise—with these proteins should only be done under veterinary guidance. In addition, our Ollie Fresh Beef recipe contains taurine, an amino acid that some grain-free diets do not provide, and may be the reason why some dogs develop diet-induced dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM). 

How to Transition Dog Food

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are rich in complex carbohydrates, which give dogs a strong and sustaining energy boost. These high-fiber root vegetables help keep things moving in your pup’s digestive tract, and they contain antioxidants to help your dog fight free radicals and prevent inflammation. Although sweet potatoes aren’t necessarily superior to white potatoes, dogs appreciate the sweet and earthy flavor they bring to Ollie’s Fresh Beef recipe for dogs.


Chickpeas may be tiny, but they’re packed with protein and complex carbohydrates, and have a low glycemic index, making them an ideal energy boost for diabetic dogs and those who need to lose weight. Along with nutrients, such as potassium, magnesium, folate, and vitamins A, B, and C, these mighty legumes pack a punch against harmful inflammation—the deteriorative process behind conditions such as arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Does Your Dog Need Vitamins?


Like sweet potatoes, carrots are a healthy carbohydrate source and provide beta-carotene, which the body converts to vitamin A. Carrots also add great flavor and nicely complement our Fresh Beef With Sweet Potatoes recipe. Pot roast, anyone?

Fish Oil

A great source of omega-3 fatty acids, fish oil provides many benefits, including a healthy coat and skin, improved brain function, and reduced inflammation. Fish oil is also often supplemented for older dogs with joint pain. Since our food is approved for all life stages, from puppies to seniors, we include fish oil because of its many health benefits over the course of your best friend’s life.


Although meat-based proteins are the best source for this important amino acid, they don’t always deliver the appropriate amount for every dog. Supplemental taurine helps prevent deficiencies that may lead to heart disease, retinal damage, and urinary problems.

Our Process

We collaborated with a veterinary nutritionist to develop our delicious Fresh Beef recipe for dogs. Our collaborative effort ensures that this and every Ollie recipe includes the right ingredients in the right combination to create food that is nutritious, delicious, and safe for your pup. Our ingredients are carefully sourced, prepared, and gently cooked in our USDA-certified kitchen. Once prepared, the food is packaged into small individual portions and frozen to preserve the nutrients and keep them fresh—and safe—for the journey to your pup’s bowl.

As soon as your dog’s box of our beef recipe for dogs arrives at your home, freeze the portions. Follow all packaging directions regarding storing, thawing, and serving your pup’s meals.

Fresh Dog Food for Dogs – Get Started Today

Why Protein Is an Important Part of a Dog’s Healthy Diet

Protein is a nutrition powerhouse that is made of amino acids, which are widely regarded as the building blocks of life. This nutrient is literally involved in every internal process in your pup’s body—from building the muscles that energize them on a romp through the park, to the microscopic walls that provide structure to every cell. Protein is also necessary for bone, cartilage, and skin development, hormone and enzyme creation, and oxygen transport.

Because of their ancestral connection to the wolf, an obligate carnivore, pet dogs have high protein needs, especially for meat-based protein, which is more digestible than plant-based sources and contains a higher amount of amino acids. Ollie’s Fresh Beef With Sweet Potatoes recipe for dogs delivers ample red meat protein to fuel your pup’s body processes and support overall health and vitality.

Homemade Versus Meal Delivery: How Ollie Ensures Your Dog Receives the Nutrition They Need

Many people cook to express their love for friends and family, but homemade meals are not necessarily the most nutritious for your dog. Many homemade dog food recipes are nutritionally unbalanced, which can cause serious health problems over time and could shorten your pup’s life. Vitamin or mineral content deficiencies or excesses can negatively affect organ function and your pup’s ability to thrive. In addition, because homemade meals’ exact nutrient content can vary from batch to batch, knowing the correct amount you should be feeding your pup can be challenging, if not impossible 

You’d never leave your dog’s health to chance, so why rely on guesswork regarding their nutrition? Fortunately, Ollie ensures you feed your dog a nutritionally complete diet, which includes homestyle cuisine’s comfort.

A veterinary nutritionist meticulously curates each Ollie recipe to ensure each bite delivers your pup optimal and consistent nutrition. In addition, your pup’s specially designed meal plan provides them with custom portion sizes based on their unique caloric needs. Finally, each gently cooked, fresh food-filled recipe is shipped right to your door—no grocery shopping, no messy kitchen, and no uncertainty— just reliable nutrition made with familiar human-grade ingredients.  

Where’s the Beef?

Our Ollie team is putting ordinary kibble out to pasture. Give your dog the fresh flavors they crave and the nutrition they deserve by feeding them our Fresh Beef With Sweet Potatoes recipe. Start building your pup’s customized meal plan and get moo-ving on the fresh food journey toward total dog health!

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