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Is Beef Liver Good For Dogs: Amazing Beef Liver Benefits For Your Pet

Is Beef Liver Good For Dogs: Amazing Beef Liver Benefits For Your Pet

. 4 min read

Beef liver is gaining popularity as a nutrient-dense food to add to the human diet. For people who follow paleo or primal diets, experts encourage adding organ meat when possible. Not everyone enjoys the flavor of liver, heart or other offal (organ meats). Dogs have been eating it for many years. Learn about why beef liver is such a healthy addition to any pup’s diet. Who knows, maybe by the end of this article you’ll be racing to the butcher for some beef liver for both of your dinners tonight!

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4 benefits of the beef liver as dog food

1. Rich in nutrients

Most importantly, beef liver is a good source of vitamin A, iron, copper, phosphorus, and zinc as well as B vitamins and essential fatty acids. If you have recently rescued a dog who was malnourished, finding a way to incorporate beef liver into your dog’s diet could be a game-changer for getting them back to health. The same goes for your pup if they have been sick or injured. Consult your vet about adding beef liver to their diet to help them get back to good health quickly.

2. Benefits the liver

Liver for your pup’s liver… easy to remember right? To understand why you might want to look into Traditional Chinese Medicine. In TCM, they believe liver may be used in case of what is called “blood deficiency” or “essence deficiency”. Even if Chinese medicine is not your area of expertise since you now know that liver has such a great nutritional profile it is easy to understand how it might help your dog if they are anemic, fatigued or suffering from a general malaise.

3. Boosts energy

Liver is not only a good source of protein but it also is loaded with vitamin B12. This combination helps keep your pup full of energy. If your dog likes to run or hike with you consider some liver as a snack to keep the energy up!

4. Great source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids

These fatty acids not only promote a fully functioning immune system but they also help keep your pup’s skin and coat looking healthy and shiny. Like in humans, great skin and healthy hair starts with what you’re eating. The same is true for your pup. Liver is a great food to add to your dog’s diet if they get sick easily or if their skin or coat is looking dull.

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How to serve beef liver to your dog.

Beef liver is a key ingredient in Ollie’s Beef recipe. In addition to beef heart and other cuts of beef, it is mixed with vegetables like sweet potato and peas and fruit like blueberries as well as vitamins and minerals to keep your pup healthy. Not only is this recipe delicious, but it is also great nutrition to keep your best friend healthy.

If your pup’s food does not contain beef liver, try using treats made with this nutritious ingredient. Many treats on the market contain beef liver like these BIXBI beef liver jerky treats. If you love to cook for your pup, you can also make your own delicious beef liver treats. You can make beef liver jerky at home by following this easy recipe. If your pup is more gourmet try these recipes including a muffin and truffle with liver as the star ingredient. However you choose to serve it up, chances are your pup will be begging for more.

Another delicious way to serve beef liver is to grind it with other cuts of beef and cooked like an extra delicious hamburger (a little cheese optional)! This method also works well for adding some beef liver to your diet, if you don’t enjoy the taste either. Remember not to overcook it, as heat is the #1 killer of the nutrients in beef liver. If you keep the seasonings to a minimum, like skipping the garlic or too much salt, you can make these to share with the whole family! Remember to keep the dog serving size appropriate to their size and needs!

Risks of feeding beef liver

Like anything, too much of a good thing can be bad. You will want to ensure that while your dog is eating an adequate serving of beef liver to get all of the amazing health benefits, you aren’t giving them too much.

If you overfeed beef liver to your pup, they could get:

Hypervitaminosis A

This condition, also called vitamin A toxicity can be found in dogs who eat too much liver or who eat liver in conjunction with vitamin A supplements. Symptoms include deformed bones including extra bone growth in the elbows and spine, anorexia and weight loss. If you suspect your pup has hypervitaminosis A, consult your veterinarian. If left untreated this can be deadly. To prevent this, ensure you are feeding an appropriate amount of liver for your dog’s size and dietary needs and not overfeeding vitamin A.

Too much iron

While iron is important, you don’t want your pup to have too much. Too much iron can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, internal bleeding or even seizures if your pup has enough iron.

Even if your pup doesn’t suffer from one of these two conditions, liver is a rich food and should be added to your dog’s diet slowly. Consult your vet about how much liver is right for your dog. This delicious and inexpensive treat has many health benefits when fed correctly. Allow your pup to enjoy it safely.

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