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28 November 2022


Picks from the Ollie Pack for Where to Give Back

In the spirt of Giving Tuesday, Ollie employees share their favorite dog non-profits and ways to give back this holiday season.

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For Giving Tuesday, we asked a few of our Ollie teammates (and their pups!) to share their favorite dog rescues and non-profits in lieu of a holiday wishlist. Our team’s picks and the stories that go along with them are the perfect reminders that help, like our dogs, can come in all shapes and sizes. From mastiff-sized organizations with millions of supporters to teacup rescues known only to locals, all efforts add up to a better, brighter future for the dog community.

Fierce Foster Network

📍Jersey City, NJ + Houston, TX

“I chose Joyrides Rescue because I’ve fostered several dogs through them. It’s an all-volunteer organization (no salaries), and they have no shelter – meaning that every single rescued pet is at a foster home (or in boarding if there aren’t enough fosters). They focus on rescuing pets from high-kill shelters in Houston and SE Texas. And all of the donations go toward their medical care, boarding, and training if need be. They, and their incredible network of fosters, have helped a lot of pups find their forever homes. My wife and I also adopted Sadie through them after fostering her for 3 months!”

Give: Make a one-time donation or give in other ways

Follow: @joyrides_rescue

Special Senior Services

📍DC, Maryland, + Virginia

“I’ve chosen Paws for Seniors, an organization in my area that specializes in senior dog & cat rescue and adoption. When I adopted Billy, I hadn’t been seeking out a senior, but I fell in love with his grey face online and knew I had to take him home. As Billy has gotten older, I’ve gained such an appreciation for seniors: they have so much love to give and make perfect companions, but they aren’t always given the chance they deserve. I really admire that this organization focuses on getting seniors the care they need and placing them in homes where they can live out their golden years surrounded by love.”

Give: Make a donation

Follow: @pawsforseniors

Hometown Heroes

📍Fort Smith, AR

“My pick is Fort Smith Animal Haven —any opportunity to help my hometown shelter. Being in a small town and lots of country roads, they tend to see a lot of dumped or surrendered pets of all ages. They have a public community pantry of pet food and other necessities and often provide free or low-cost vaccinations, microchipping, and spay and neuter services.”

Give: Donate time or money!

Follow: @animalhavenfs

Breed Advocates

📍Everywhere, USA

“The Rottweiler has such a negative reputation, which means they are ignored and overlooked at the shelters. A Rottie Rescue ensures that these hard-working and loyal companions find their right fur-ever homes by placing them in foster families who help them become healthy, physically and emotionally. As a Rottie parent myself, I know first-hand how much they love their family and want to please us, so it was a no-brainer to choose this organization.”

Give: Make a donation

Follow: @arottierescue

Community Education

📍Charlotte, NC

“I chose Forgotten, Now Family Rescue, a women-founded, incorporated non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in Charlotte, NC. Their mission is to help every dog in need find the perfect forever home. Additionally, they strive to educate the community by promoting the humane and compassionate treatment of dogs of all breeds and sizes. I noticed they take in a lot of at-risk dogs that desperately need care and medical attention.”

Give: Volunteer, foster, or make a donation

Follow: @forgottennowfamilyrescue

In the spirit of Giving Tuesday, Ollie will be making a small donation to each of these five organizations on behalf of our pack members. We hope you feel inspired to make your own contribution to one of our pack’s picks or your own local rescue this giving season.

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