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These Pups Have Eaten Ollie for a Year and Are Obsessed

These Pups Have Eaten Ollie for a Year and Are Obsessed

. 3 min read

It's our one year anniversary a.k.a. our birthday! To celebrate, we talked to some of the original members of the Ollie family. These awesome humans have been feeding their pups our nutritious, human-grade meals for the past year--and they have a lot to bark about (as do their dogs!)

"Blizz recently just turned 18 years old and Ollie keeps him healthy in his old age. His favorite Ollie meal is beef!"


Diana Sapanaro

"Quality, customer experience and traceability are key for us, and we want to be able to trust all of those things are present without worry! Ollie is the perfect blend of that. For me, that means I can do good for my boys, feel good about what I am giving them, and know good is being done because of my patronage. We are Ollie advocates for life!"

Daria Lee Sharman

"Our pup Winnie LOVES Ollie so much, I'm not sure she actually breathes while she eats (inhales) it. We love feeding it to her, as it feels like she is getting a much more nutritious food than just dry food."

Dan Nelson

"We love Ollie because it provides convenience as it's always in the fridge and the delivery is super reliable.
Every serving is made specifically for Oscar and takes into account all his metrics and couch potato lifestyle. We like feeling confident in the quality of food and nutrition we are feeding our fur baby and it really shows--Oscar has maintained a great weight and his fur is super silky and shiny."

Dina Greenman

"My two pups, Fred & Miles, love Ollie! It is easy on their stomachs, tasty, and so convenient. And I feel good giving them food I trust."

Angela Riordan

"I love that Ollie is REAL food--but I think Bobo just loves that it is food."

Xavi Afriyie

"We absolutely LOVE OLLIE. It has been the best thing we have done for our fur baby. Letty was losing she fur because she had a chicken allergy and after trying many many foods we found Ollie. Now her coat is beautiful, shiny and we have all her fur back! Thank you for making a great product for our baby!"

Robin Falk

The Ollie blog is devoted to helping pet parents lead healthier lives with their pups. If you want to learn more about our fresh, human-grade food, check out