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14 July 2021


15 Olympic Events They Should Add Just for Dogs

Dogs are athletic by nature, and depending on their breed—full of more than enough energy to keep going all day! They can out run us, out play us, and entertain us with all of the goofy, crazy things they do. But what if those things could be a competition? What if your dog could compete […]

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Dogs are athletic by nature, and depending on their breed—full of more than enough energy to keep going all day! They can out run us, out play us, and entertain us with all of the goofy, crazy things they do.

But what if those things could be a competition? What if your dog could compete against other dogs playing the silly games they play, and doing what they love? Which event would your dog win?

The Olympics have all sorts of crazy games that were created by people once upon a time, and are now serious competitions. So why can’t dogs be a part of that too? Well, we think they should! So we did a little creative thinking, and decided to come up with our own list of Olympic events they should add just for dogs.

100m Squirrel Chase

Do you own a hunting dog? If you do, you’ve seen them go BANANAS trying to chase down those pesky squirrels. What if they had to compete against other speedy chasers? Next time they do, try timing their speed to see just how fast they can go. Maybe your dog could win the race.

Longest String of Drool

For all of the Saint Bernards, Newfoundlands, Bernese Mountain Dogs, and any pup who’s a part of the drooling class… This competition is for you! How long is your dog’s string of drool? 4 inches? 8 inches? A foot?! Your dog might just be a born natural at this Olympic doggy event.

Speed Sniffing

Back to the hunting group. This sport is for any pup with a strong sniffer. Do they love sniffing out little critters in the yard? Maybe they’re hunting moles, chipmunks, or even field mice in the ground. Let’s watch and see whose hound dog is the fastest at finding those little critters.

1×1 Tug of War

Maybe your precious pup is strong and full of energy. If so, this could be the event for them. This one-on-one event can be played dog vs. dog, or dog vs. human. Who can last the longest? And who can pull who the furthest?

Mid-air Frisbee Catch

Some dog breeds excel at being great athletes and are great competitors in agility competitions. Does your dog have mad hops? Try tossing the frisbee in the backyard to see if they can run and jump to catch it. Then try throwing it higher and higher. Let’s see just how high your dog’s hops really are.


Have you ever seen those crazy hot dog or pie eating competitions?! I feel like dogs could blow them out of the water with how much and how fast they can eat. Of course, that’s not exactly a healthy thing for your pup. But just imagine how much faster they could eat than one of those champions.

50-yard Doggy Paddle

It’s water time! Ready to take your dog for a swim? Certain dogs like Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Standard Poodles and Irish Setters are natural born swimmers. Some dog breeds can actually say “water” is their middle name, like the Portuguese Water Dog and the Irish Water Spaniel. If you’ve got a good swimmer, try throwing a toy or stick into the water for them to retrieve. Just remember to always take dog safety precautions when letting your pup swim in the water.


Back to dogs with mad hops. Some dogs have so much energy, they just love to jump as high as possible. The high jump could be when your dog hops straight up and down because they are excited to see you. Or it could be jumping over an obstacle. An Ollie pack member’s dog once leaped over a raised baby gate because she wanted to go into a blocked off room. She probably leaped about 3 feet into the air!

Wiggle Butt Freestyle

Think your precious pooch could beat most other dogs in this competition? Anytime my dog gets excited because we just got home, it’s meal time, or it’s time to play… There goes her “wiggle butt!” How crazy and wild does your dog’s “wiggle butt” get?

Best Treat Hunter

This could be a fun everyday game for you and your furry friend. Try hiding treats or their dog food bowl somewhere in the house or in the yard. How long does it take for them to find it? Now try making the hiding spots more and more difficult. Can you stump them?

Lowest Crawler

How low can they go? Does your dog know how to crawl? Try to see just how far they’ll crawl. Now try using a limbo pole—or a broomstick—and see if they’ll limbo right under it. What else can you get them to crawl underneath?

Deepest Digger

Although you may not love it when your dog digs holes in your yard, it’s pretty impressive how fast and how deep they can dig. I’ve even seen my dog even use her mouth to rip chunks of dirt and grass out of the ground. If only we could get our dogs to dig holes where we actually wanted them.

Freestyle Howling

Does your dog like to sing? Maybe all that crazy howling is just them singing you their very own song. Every howl is just a little bit different, and every breed howls in their own unique way. Could your dog beat out the others in a howling competition?

Doggy Diving

We mentioned swimming already, but what about the actual dive into the water? Some dogs are incredibly graceful as they leap into a pool, pond, or lake. Next time your dog goes for a swim, take a video of their doggy diving skills.

Best Tricks

Do you have a tricky pup? Oh wait, we meant obedience tricks. Maybe your dog can sit, stay, shake, lay down, and roll over. That’s awesome! But do they have any special tricks you’ve taught them? Certain dog breeds are extremely intelligent, and love learning new tricks and skills. It might take a little longer, but you can always teach an old dog new tricks!

Go for the Gold!

Which competition would your dog win? Maybe it’s time to brush up on those old tricks or hunting skills. Have some fun with your pup, and start training in your own backyard. You never know what kind of champion you might have.

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