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Ollie Foodie: Digweed the Cavalier King Charles

Ollie Foodie: Digweed the Cavalier King Charles

. 2 min read

We hear from humans almost every day about how our food has made their pups healthier and happier (and exponentially more excited about mealtime.) In this series, we'll share some of the stories that make us especially proud to fill dogs' bowls with wholesome goodness.

By the time Digweed was 18 months, he had been to the vet 45 times with major GI issues, getting down to 12 pounds at one point. His humans, Constance Chen and Stephen Warren, had him run through a battery of tests from chest x-rays to urinalysis to DNA tests until he was finally diagnosed with Pneumocystis pneumonia (which can be fatal!) They tried almost every type of food during his recovery, attempting to get him to regain weight but he refused everything. Until he tried Ollie a few months ago. Here's what they had to say about Digweed's response to our food:

"The first thing we noticed was that he had perfect poops! And he put on weight—he’s not fat, he has a waist and is well exercised, he looks so much healthier."

"His fur is growing better since he started Ollie. We’ve had people think that we groom him all the time but he’s not!"

"We love Ollie because Digweed loves it. He’s completely interested in eating again, his tail wags, and he gobbles it up!"

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