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Ollie Foodie: Carter the Schnauzer

Ollie Foodie: Carter the Schnauzer

. 3 min read

We hear from humans almost every day about how our food has made their pups healthier and happier (and exponentially more excited about mealtime.) In this series, we'll share some of the stories that make us especially proud to fill dogs' bowls with wholesome goodness.

When Carter, a normally feisty and strong-willed 10-year-old Schnauzer, wasn't acting like his normal self, his humans took him to the vet and discovered he had developed diabetes. Aside from the daily insulin shots, Brian and Jennifer Smith were immediately worried about his eating habits. Carter had never had a great appetite: "We’ve always given Carter good quality, organic food and have tried several brands, but he’s just always eaten the same, little bite by little bite all day long," says Brian. They were really struggling with his meals before they found Ollie:


"During his recovery for cataract surgery, which was brought on by diabetes, the challenge of feeding him was even greater. We moved to a canned diabetic formula, but Carter became disinterested in the blandness. So we started mixing in dry food pellets with the canned food. When that failed to pique his interest, we were forced to sprinkle treats on his food to get him started eating."


"We did some research about food options for dogs that would be completely different than what we could get at our local pet store. We’ve done several online food ordering for human food and had great results, so we thought why not try it for Carter. The results have been amazing! He literally is so happy to eat every single meal we give him. He runs to the kitchen now and howls at us to fill up his bowl with Ollie."


"One of the big signs of diabetes in dogs is drinking excessive amounts of water. On Ollie, Carter doesn’t seem to be drinking as much water and therefore isn’t getting us up in the middle of the night to let him out. He’s also got a spring in his step that we haven’t seen for some time. He’s got more energy and just genuinely seems happier!"


"We love the fact that this is human-grade food and you can tell that it’s not fatty, but tastes great. We love that you can see the veggies in the food and that it doesn’t smell awful when you open a package. This truly is good, healthy food and we are so happy we found it to give to our special boy!"

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