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Meet the Ollie Pack: Blue the Mush Pit

Meet the Ollie Pack: Blue the Mush Pit

. 2 min read

Rescuing a pup is nothing short of an adventure. With ups and downs, right turns and wrong ones, it’s not always for the faint of heart. We sat down with Ilene Albuquerque to chat about her own journey rescuing Blue the Mush Pit and how she took the leap from dog lover to dog advocate.

How did you and Blue find each other?

Blue and our family found each other at the right time! We were looking to get a new dog and had visited a few shelters but still hadn’t found the perfect match. A few days later we saw a post on Facebook from a friend: he had found this poor, emaciated pup with a big scar on his head roaming the streets. We didn’t even think twice—he was ours!

What did your early days with Blue pup look like?
Our early days together were a bit rough; lots of vet visits. Blue also had to get used to his new surroundings, but it all worked out great and we wouldn’t have it any other way— our family was complete.

Blue had a pretty tough start, like so many rescues. What did it mean for you both to be able to give a second chance?

When Blue came into our life we were facing some difficult times. We saved blue, but really  he saved us too! We were both given a second chance and we saved each other. We could never picture our family without him.

You’re a pretty big advocate for pit bulls in general. Aside from rescuing Blue, is there anything else about this noble breed that drives your mission?

My mission is to teach more people about this amazing breed. We have to be the voice for the voiceless— I’ll always speak up for this breed—they have so much to offer and I want to show everyone that!

What do you think is the biggest misunderstanding most people have about pit bulls? How can we help change that?

Pit bulls are such an amazing breed! They are the most loyal dogs I've ever met. I wish more people would give them a chance to see how loving, goofy, and caring they are. The only thing I can say that is dangerous about them is their deadly farts!

How has Ollie helped you on your rescue journey?

Ollie has been such a great help to Blue and our family. We never wanted to feed him other foods because of all of the by-products and yucky stuff most dog foods have. We wanted him to eat as well as we do or better! And Olllie made that happen. Blue can’t wait to have his breakfast and lunch—they’re his favorite times of day!

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