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Lucky Dogs: 5 Pups Who Found Their Happily Ever Afters

Lucky Dogs: 5 Pups Who Found Their Happily Ever Afters

. 4 min read

While we’re looking forward to celebrating the luck of the Irish on St. Patrick’s day, we can’t forget about some of the luckiest pups whose tales bring us joy and hope. From surviving illness or injuries to escaping the puppy mill system these pups have all beaten the odds and are thriving.

K9 Arlo


photo courtesy of

A three-year-old German Shepherd who rose to TikTok fame, K9 Arlo was shot twice in the line of duty serving and protecting his community. Including taking a bullet to the spine. With the support of hundreds of thousands of fans, he fully recovered from his injuries but was forced to retire from Police work.

You can keep up with Arlo’s adventures on TikTok where he maintains an active presence.

Ella Bean


photo courtesy of Alex Ulreich

A lot of sass packed into a small body, Ella bean the dog is a four-pound puppy mill survivor & former "death row inmate" from a south Florida shelter. She made a big move up north to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where she lives with her parents and three rescued sisters.

Not only does she enjoy jet-setting the world as a social media influencer, but her mom says her favorite snacks are ceviche and rosé (we think this is a joke and don’t recommend feeding your dog wine). You can find her and her sisters posing for the pup-arazzi over on Instagram @thebeandogs. Ella and her family haven’t forgotten about the rough start she had and they are all tireless advocates for the ending of puppy mills!



photo courtesy of

From a high-kill shelter to the good life with his parents in Maine, Tatum has grown to internet fame as a “talking” dog. Okay, fine, we know it’s just his dad speaking for him but his delightful chatter can bring out a smile on even the darkest days. He rose to fame when the Dodo captured his story because of his charming ability to jump in the air in the cutest way.

One thing that’s really important to Tatum is his snacks. He’s got a great video about why you should feed your dogs “the blueberries”. He likes to remind pups that they’re full of antioxidants (which is why they’re also an Ollie ingredient). Find Tatum on TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook.



photo courtesy of Bocce's Bakery

Bocce is a lucky pup who has a line of gourmet treats named after him. His mom wanted him to have treats that tasted great and were made from the highest quality ingredients so she got to work baking up treats in her New York City kitchen. Today this lucky dog is the face of a popular dog treat brand, Bocce's Bakery that can be found in many major retailers. The treats come in delicious flavors like Mud Pie, Unicorn Shake, and Burgers and Fries. You can even find their bones at Shake Shack as part of a very successful collab. So if you have a Shake Shack near you don't hesitate to order a Bag O'Bones for your best friend.



photo courtesy of

A member of the “cocoa pibbles” pack, Opal (formerly known as Hart) was found when she was a small puppy by LA-based Wags and Walks rescue. She had been dumped in a fast-food restaurant’s parking lot with a broken jaw and rotting teeth. She was in critical condition.

With the help of her foster family including dog foster brother Duke, Opal was able to make a full recovery. This was not an easy path and it consisted of multiple surgeries and many weeks in a soft muzzle while her jaw fully healed.

While Opal’s story had a rough beginning, it has a very happy ending. Miss Opal was adopted by her wonderful foster family and you can follow all of her best adventures with her new family over on Instagram @thecocoapibbles.

Bringing luck to more pups

While all of these dogs are very lucky to have had such happy endings there are many more who aren't so lucky. Each day in the United States, dogs are forced into puppy mills, dumped on roadsides, or euthanized due to lack of space in shelters. But we have the power to bring luck to many of these pups. If you're looking to add a new best friend to your family, consider rescuing a pup from a shelter or animal rescue near you.

Do you have a "lucky" dog? If your pup was rescued after a rough start or had a miraculous recovery from an illness or injury, we'd love to hear about it, tell us your story in the comments or tag us on Instagram. We love to meet your pups!

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