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How to Turn Your Ollie Trays into Herb Planters

How to Turn Your Ollie Trays into Herb Planters

. 2 min read

Here at Ollie HQ, we're committed to making sure that all of our packaging is recyclable: everything from the boxes to the jute lining, which is compostable, can have a second life. Those ice packs you get in the cold weather? Save them for when you're traveling with the food this summer! But what about upcycling? Our trays are the perfect size to turn into planters. We did a little DIY project to show you how easy it is. Because who doesn't love some windowsill herbs?

Let your dog lick one of our food trays clean (then wash and dry it!)

Gather your supplies: You'll need some craft paint (we chose white, green and gold), a sponge brush and a paintbrush.

Paint away! We covered the tray in white and then drew on little leaves.

Fill the tray with soil, carefully placing the herbs in the middle. We chose two Ollie ingredients, basil and rosemary!

Place the tray in a sunny spot and water regularly. That's it!

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