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How to Give Your Dog an Awesome Name

How to Give Your Dog an Awesome Name

. 2 min read

Picking the puppy was easy (it’s always the runt, isn’t it?). Coming up with an endearing name that lives up to his adorable little face? A bit more challenging. To make it easier, check out these dos and don’ts of naming your dog.


Keep it simple: Stick to one or two syllable names, which will be easier for your dog to understand and respond to. Think about it: If you have to shout out the very long-winded “Mr. Bigglesworth!” every time your pup ravages a stick, he might not compute you’re talking to him (after all, his current thoughts = stiiicccck).


Name them “May”: Or anything else that sounds too similar to common commands like “sit,” “stay,” “no,” and “come.” That means names like Kit, Fay or Beaux might not be the best ideas.


Consider consonants: A name that begins with a crisp, commanding consonant like “k” or a hard “c” can help your puppy distinguish its name from ambient noise. For instance, if your pug’s name is Cheyenne and you “shhh” the kids while watching The Crown, Chey might get confused.


Name your pup after someone you see at Thanksgiving: Kinda awkward to tell your Aunt Ruth you named your dog after her. While you might think it’s an honor (has she seen your Labrador’s face?), your relative who claims “she’s never met a dog she’s liked,” will have something new to complain about at every holiday.


Go for something original: While names like Bella, Charlie or Cooper are totally adorable, they’re also very popular. The name frequency can lead to confusion at the dog park or even mix-ups with the groomer or walker (Oh, I thought I was supposed to give Baxter W. the faux hawk...) Try to name your pup something as original as her personality.

If you’re having trouble getting your creative juices flowing, try these tips:

Pick a food, any food.

Let’s be honest, there's nothing cuter than a Frenchie named Potato. Well...maybe a Pit-bull named Dumpling.

Or a famous icon you admire.

Dolly Parton? Biggie Smalls? Winston Churchill? We can just imagine Dolly, Biggie and Winny chasing each other’s tails at the dog park together.

Find an obscure character from your favorite book or movie.

OK, so maybe you’re not about naming your new puppy Harry Potter—too obvious. But Madam Bones (Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement) miiiight just be the perfect name.

Or a favorite inanimate object.

Play a game of “Eye Spy” around your apartment to search for things you love: Cactus? Merlot? Xbox. OK, not Xbox. But you get the idea.

Straight up name it after another animal.

There is just something so adorable about a dog named Froggie. Or Chicken. Or what about Starfish? There’s just so much to choose from in the animal kingdom (we suggest staying away from the arachnids, though).

Keep it in the fam.

Have a last name you want to keep from going extinct in the family? Pass it on to your beloved dog.

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