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How to Find A Workout You Love, As Explained By Your Dog

How to Find A Workout You Love, As Explained By Your Dog

. 2 min read

You walk up to your dog, leash in hand. They look at you, head tilted to the side...waiting. Any second now, you’ll say those eight magical words: “Do you want to go for a walk?” The crowd goes wild! It’s like Christmas came early! For the second time today! Don’t you wish you reacted this way whenever it was time to exercise?

Enthusiasm is contagious, and dogs have it in spades. So who better than a dog to help you find a workout you’ll actually love? While you may not ever be as psyched as them to go for a walk, we know a few pups who get their exercise in other ways that we bet you would like too—especially after you watch them in action.

Running Outside

Perhaps you have a need for speed. So, why not take it up a notch to a face-flapping jog?
Working out with your dog running dog


Running Inside

Think the treadmill is boring? There are ways to get creative with it.


Whomever coined the famous expression, “cowabunga dude,” obviously never saw a surfing dog.

Working out with your dog surfing dog


Dare we say it, perhaps with some practice (or a lot, we don’t judge), you’ll finally make the human-pup synchronized swimming team at doggy day care!


Not for the faint of heart (or for those with a fear of falling), gymnastics may be the perfect choice for pup parents and dogs who rarely feel in over their heads when it comes to exercise.
Working out with  your dog gymnastics dog

Synchronized Squatting

Pro Tip: Dog or human, don’t let your knees come over your paws.



Don’t feel bad if your pup has better rhythm than you do during practice. Trust us, choreography is much easier to learn when treats are involved.



Pups originated the downward dog pose, so you know they'll be very Zen companions on your yoga mat.
Working out with your dog yoga dog


Once you’ve found the workout that’s right for you, make like a dog and take a snooze. You've earned it.
Working out with your dog sleeping dog


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