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6 Healthy St. Patrick's Day Treats for Your Pup

6 Healthy St. Patrick's Day Treats for Your Pup

. 2 min read

For humans, Saint Patrick's Day normally means consuming not-so-healthy things like corned beef hash and green beer (and the pizza that often comes after all that beer). But we did manage to round up some pretty nutritious green treats for our pups—including some Shamrock-shaped cookies we kinda want to eat ourselves.

Spinach and green apple biscuits

Pretty Fluffy

These tasty green treats are made with coconut oil, providing your pup with nutrients that are good for their coat, digestion, and immune system. Plus mint to freshen their breath.

Spinach and parsley dog bones

Eating With Emmy Lou

Packed with fresh parsley, these green dog bones are also a great breath-freshener. They're super simple to make, and you probably already have all the ingredients in your fridge!

Shamrock and clover treats

Dalmatian DIY

These festive treats get their color from dried kale and other dried herbs—no artificial coloring required!

Ginger kale bones

Doggy Dessert Chef

These frozen treats combine superfoods ginger and kale, which are as good for pups as they are for us—but in small amounts so stick to one a day.

Green bean crunchies

Skinny Ms.

Your dog won't be gaining any weight this St. Patrick's Day with this skinny treat: Green beans are low in calories, but packed with some awesome nutrients including Vitamin K and C, which are good for the blood and immune system.

Green smoothie


That's right, your pup can lap up smoothies too. This recipe contains strawberries, bananas, blueberries, and spinach for antioxidants. There's a lot of natural sugars, though, so don't serve it too often.

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