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Ollie's Holiday Gift Guide for Healthy Pups

Ollie's Holiday Gift Guide for Healthy Pups

. 3 min read

Chances are your dog has been a little naughty and nice this year. Regardless, there will still be treats under the tree. But not any generic fruitcake type of toys—here's what's on our list for our favorite pups with discriminating taste:

For dogs who like to walk on the wild side

Holiday Gift Guide, Water Bottle

OllyBottle from OllyDog

No hike would be complete without a fancy water bottle to stay hydrated.

Holiday Gift Guide, Backpack

Baxter Dog Backpack

Pack it up, pack it in, let the adventures begin.

Holiday Gift Guide, Tent

P.L.A.Y.’s Scout & About Outdoor Tent

Roughing it? More like ruffing it.

For dogs who don’t like to sit still

Holiday Gift Guide, SportLeash

SportLeash 3-in-1 Hands-Free Leash

Look ma, no hands! Perfect for runners (and grocery shoppers.)

Holiday Gift Guide, Rex Specs

Rex Specs

Goggles for seriously active K-9s and canines alike.

Holiday Gift Guide, LED Ball

Glowstreak LED Ball

Never lose another tennis ball again.

For dogs who would read Wired if they could

Holiday Gift Guide, FitBark


Strap on your Fitbit and get even healthier together.

Holiday Gift Guide, iFetch


If an automatic ball launcher doesn't sound awesome, we don't know what does.

Holiday Gift Guide, Pet Cube

Petcube Camera

The "nanny cam" for pups that allows you to play with them virtually too.

For dogs with discriminating taste

Holiday Gift Guide, Natural Treats

Woofables Gingerbread Man and Candy Cane

All-natural holiday treats made with healthy ingredients like yogurt.

Holiday Gift Guide,Veggie Box

BarkShop Veggie Box

Playing with food is officially approved.

Holiday Gift Guide, Mr. Dog bowl

Mr. Dog All Purpose Bowl

Because wholesome food requires a tasteful bowl. And this one is ergonomically designed so your dog can keep more in their mouth (and less on the floor.)

For dogs who just want to Netflix and Chill

Holiday gift Guide, Deodorizing Candle

Gerrard Larriet De-Stress Candle for Pets

Lavender plus chamomile equals one relaxed pup.

Holiday Gift Guide, Aesop Animal

Aesop Animal Cleanser

A minty, citrus-y wash that mildly cleanses your pup's coat.

Holiday Gift Guide, Sustainable Dog Bed

Dharf Cloud Bed

Sustainable, non-allergenic, and super comfy for cushioning those joints after a long day of playing.

The Ollie blog is devoted to helping pet parents lead healthier lives with their pups. If you want to learn more about our fresh, human-grade food, check out