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Healthy Holiday Treats That Taste Better Than Cookies

Healthy Holiday Treats That Taste Better Than Cookies

. 2 min read

If Thanksgiving is all about the dinner, the holidays are all about the dessert, as far as we're concerned—and we're pretty sure our pups feel the same way. Unlike human treats, though, the canine kind aren't stuffed with carbs and candy. A few of our favorite festive recipes that have healthy benefits too (including a dog-friendly egg nog!)

Candy Canes

Holiday dog treats, sugar cookies


For the old school pup, these classic treats are packed with peanut butter.

Reindeer Cookies

Holiday dog treats, reindeer cookies

Two Little Cavaliers

You could never tell by looking at them, but these red-nosed treats are made with a beef bouillon cube.

Fruitcake Snacks

Holiday dog treats, fruit cake

The Scrumptious Pumpkin

Loaded with pumpkin seeds and cranberries for better digestion, fruitcake has never tasted so good.

Puppachino Hot Chocolate

Holiday dog treats, hot chocolate

Dalmation DIY

The secret ingredient (and chocolate substitute) in here is carob powder, which is rich in fiber and protein.

Cinnamon Rolls

Holiday dog treats, cinnamon rolls


Made with canola oil, which contains heart-healthy fats as well as omega 3 fatty acids, plus cinnamon acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Gingerbread Men

Holiday dog treats, gingerbread cookies

Pretty Fluffy

They may look sugary, but these treats contain both honey and ginger to help with digestive issues.


Holiday dog treats, eggnog

Lola The Pitty

Yogurt and an egg (a super source of protein) make this festive drink possible for pups.

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