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5 Homemade (and Healthy!) Halloween Dog Treats

5 Homemade (and Healthy!) Halloween Dog Treats

. 2 min read

If your pup is anything like mine, they probably go straight into begging mode as soon as they hear the crinkle of a candy bar wrapper. And while it may be hard to deny your doggo of all those delicious Halloween sweets, we know better than to give in—especially if chocolate is involved. So put away the bag of candy corn and get cooking: We found five recipes for easy DIY Halloween dog treats that are deliciously festive and deceivingly healthy.

1. Carob Chip Cookies

Untitled-1-8Recipe from Petful

These cookies use carob, a chocolate-like alternative that’s safe for dogs to eat and is packed with vitamins and good-for-you minerals, high in protein, and contains pectin (a fiber that helps flush toxins from the body).

2. Pumpkin FroYo Bites

Screen-Shot-2018-10-25-at-5.24.21-PMRecipe from Irresistible Pets

Made with three simple ingredients—just nonfat plain yogurt, canned pumpkin, and water—it’s the ‘cooler’ cousin to the seasonal pumpkin spice latté. Widely recognized as a dog superfood, pumpkin is packed with fiber, high in nutrients, and can even help resolve a variety of canine digestive issues.

3. Zombie Treats

sdfRecipe from Dalmatian DIY

Don’t be fooled by the green color; there’s nothing artificial about these spooky treats: Take your pick from the range of dog-safe, nutritious green vegetables (we like spinach, kale, and immunity-boosting broccoli) to get that vibrant hue and built-in health benefits.

4. Candy Corn

adfbRecipe from 12 Tomatoes

Get in the Halloween spirit with these faux candy corn bites, which lean on the power of the ice cube tray so your pup gets the full nutritional benefits of the frozen yogurt, banana and pumpkin (again!)

5. Peppermint Patties

eagfdRecipe from Dalmatian DIY

A dog-friendly take on the classic dessert, these frozen yogurt-based treats serve as an instant breath freshener: the “pup-permint layer” is made with fresh mint. There’s also carob powder in the mix for a chocolatey flavor that’s healthy and safe.

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