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Meet the Rescue Pups in Our Healthiest Weight Program

Meet the Rescue Pups in Our Healthiest Weight Program

. 3 min read

One of the biggest benefits we've seen from pups eating Ollie? Getting to a healthy weight. We've seen it with some of our own pups who needed to lose some pounds after years of eating processed kibble, and we've seen it with undernourished pups who need to gain some lbs. In the spirit of giving back to the greater canine community (part of our mission!) we decided to create a program that would allow us to help rescue pups achieve their healthiest weight.

We enlisted four dogs from different rescue organizations who need to gain or lose weight (through no fault of their own!) Often before they are rescued, pups are either overfed unhealthy food or underfed and neglected. We'll be sending them our freshly made, tailored meal plans over the next two months, so their foster and adoptive humans can feed them the right amount that will help them reach their ideal weight. Get to know the dogs here, and follow their progress on our Facebook page. We'll also be sharing healthy diet and exercise tips every week, so you can help your pups live their healthiest lives too.


Soprano was rescued by Mr. Bones and Co, and is one of their One Lucky Pup alums. An American Staffordshire Terrier and Boxer mix, he was rescued from North Carolina and adopted at around four months old. At a year and half, he's tall and barrel-chested with a thin waist—he's currently 62 pounds and his human estimates he needs to get up to 75 lbs. He's also super picky about what he eats.


Sharky is another Mr. Bones and Co Lucky Pup alum who was turned into Animal Care and Control earlier this year before being rescued by his human a few months ago. The American Pitt Terrier mix is about 18 months old, and gets lots of exercise when he's at his human's farm in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, he's been filling his belly with socks instead of food lately—he currently weighs 79 pounds, but his vet says he should be closer to 90.


Rosie came in as a stray to the Brooklyn Animal Care Center, and was likely abandoned. She was rescued by Rebound Hounds, and has been in foster care. The 9-year old Saffordshire Terrier Mix has been overweight since she was found and tends to be on the lazy side. She's 94 pounds, and needs to get down to around 80.


Patches was surrendered by her owner, pulled from Animal Care and Control, and was rescued by Pupstarz Rescue. She was recently adopted! The sweet 8-year old Pitbull has bad arthritis so she's on the slower side (plus she loves to snuggle on the couch). She weighs 71 pounds and needs to lose around 15 pounds—because of her arthritis, diet will be the best way for her to lose weight.

The Ollie blog is devoted to helping pet parents lead healthier lives with their pups. If you want to learn more about our fresh, human-grade food, check out