Download This! 10 Must-Have Apps for Pet Owners

Download This! 10 Must-Have Apps for Pet Owners

Pancho here. You are always looking for great new apps, right? And I am always asking you to scratch my belly, correct? (See where this is going? Hear me out.)

Since I am currently in need of some belly scratching (ahem, it’s been more than 35 minutes since the last one), I’ve put together a list of my ten must-have apps for dog lovers like you. Feel free to browse them while you itch that spot right below my left ribcage. These are both one-handed activities and I know how you love to multitask.

  1. DogVacay - Look, I’m tired of staying at your friend Dwayne’s when you have to go away for business trips. Dwayne is not really a dog person. Get this: he thinks tennis balls are for tennis. (I know, right? SMH.) This app will help you find local people who will let me come over and stay a night or two or fifteen for a fee and they will even send you updates and pics of us playing fetch with tennis balls. You know, their intended use.

  2. - Parks! I love parks! Parks have cool stuff like grass and trees and weird stuff that kids climb all over! This app helps you find local parks in the city, like that one with the old merry-go-round that we rode on together and then the whole world was spinning and that was the best day ever. Let’s find more of those.

  3. - You’re the best person I know. And I’m the best dog you know. Now we can be a force for good just by going for a walk, which is one of our favorite things to do. We sign up, clock some miles, and corporate sponsors give money to pets in need based on how far we’ve traveled. I KNOW!

  4. - It’s the best new way to find BFFs for you and me! You can swipe left or right through all these profiles to find exactly the right pair of humans/dogs to get together with for coffee and butt sniffing. It’s genius. (I’ve even worked on some killer profile pics. You’re welcome.)

  5. AllPaws - You’re always talking about getting another pet. Like, seriously, it’s a thing you do. Now you can search all the pets up for adoption in our local area, including reptiles, bunnies and barnyard animals. I’m just tossing this out there, but what do you think about getting ALL OF THEM?

  6. BringFido - You know how when you’re going somewhere I always want to come too? Well, now you can always pick awesome places like hotels, restaurants and businesses all over the world that don’t discriminate against me for walking around naked.

  7. PupTox - Find out if what I just ate was fine, lethal, or just gaseous. I’ll join you in hoping that we don’t ever have to use this, but you know I can’t be held accountable when your friend Rachel comes over and leaves her bag open.

  8. Dogly - You love posting pictures of me on Instagram and I love counting all the likes. (But why can’t we call them licks?) Well, now you can post pics of me and earn money for a favorite shelter if our pics get the most likes in a month. I have some great ideas involving tennis balls that are going to kill!

  9. Dog Whistle - You’re a terrible whistler, but your phone is an awesome whistler. (Don’t worry, your phone is a terrible cuddler. You cannot be replaced.) But this whistle app? OMG. You can set the frequency and pattern and it’s like sour patch candy for my ears!

  10. Puppy Coach - Look, I know I didn’t come with an instruction manual, so this app can help you figure out all training you think I need. For example, you could learn how to train me to not download apps on your phone.

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Gabby Slome

Gabby Slome

NYC native. Certified canine nutritionist. Equestrian. World traveler. Columbia Business School grad. Healthy eater. Mom to the best mutt in the world, (well according to me), Pancho.


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