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Download This! 10 Must-Have Apps for Pet Owners

Download This! 10 Must-Have Apps for Pet Owners

. 2 min read

As a pet parent, you are always looking for ways to improve your pup's life (while making yours a bit easier).

Luckily the tech world has once again found a way to read your mind: from apps that will help you train your dog, to ones that will help you avoid medical drama, you'll find apps that cover every pet-parent need. Here is a list of the ten must-have apps for dog lovers like you.

  1. DogVacay - Are you feeling guilty about asking your friend Dwayne to babysit your pup for the fourth weekend in a row because you need to go away for yet ANOTHER business trip? Then download this app ASAP. DogVacay will help you find local people who will let your pup come over and stay a night or two, or fifteen, for a fee. They will even send you updates and pics of your dog playing fetch with his favorite tennis balls.

  2. - Who doesn't love parks? Your dog certainly does! This app helps you find local parks in the city so that you can scour all of the best ones in your neighborhood and find the ideal one for you and your pup.

  3. - Do you and your pup need extra incentive to get your daily exercise? This app will give you the motivation you need: sign up, clock some miles, and corporate sponsors will give money to pets in need based on how far you’ve traveled. I KNOW!

  4. - It’s the best new way to find BFFs for you and your pup! You can swipe left or right through all these profiles to find exactly the right pair of humans/dogs to get together with for coffee and butt sniffing. It’s genius.

  5. AllPaws - You’re always talking about getting another pet. Now you can search all the pets up for adoption in your local area, including reptiles, bunnies, and barnyard animals (because, why not?).

  6. BringFido - Do you and your dog get separation anxiety even at the thought of being separated? Well, now you can take your dog almost everywhere by using this app to pick awesome hotels, restaurants, and businesses all over the world that don’t discriminate against your four-legged baby.

  7. PupTox - Find out if that mysterious thing that your pup just ate was fine, lethal, or just gaseous. Here's to hoping that you'll never have to use this, but your pup really can’t be held accountable when your friend Rachel comes over and leaves her bag open...

  8. Dogly - A dream come true for pet parents of photogenic pups: now you can post pics of your pup and earn money for a favorite shelter if your pics get the most likes in a month.

  9. Dog Whistle - You’re a terrible whistler, but don't let that stop you from training your dog to come at your command! Downloading this app will turn your phone into an awesome whistler. You can set the frequency and pattern to make the whistle something that your dog responds to.

  10. Puppy Coach - Unfortunately, your dog didn't come with an instruction manual. Luckily, downloading this app will give you the tips and tricks that you need to train your dog like a pro.

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