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The Dirty Truth About Dogs in the Bedroom

The Dirty Truth About Dogs in the Bedroom

. 2 min read

Let's be honest: Almost every pet parent we know has had an 'incident' where their pup has either accidentally (or intentionally) bounded into the bedroom while they're getting busy. Since we're not afraid to talk about controversial topics at Ollie, we polled a bunch of dog-loving humans to find out how they *really* feel when it inevitable happens!

First, we asked how these humans felt if their pup walked in on them doing it. 38% said not ok, they'd kick them out! 13% said they watch all the time. And 49% said if they happened to wander in, no big deal.

When asked what they'd do if they wanted to have sex and their pup was already in the bedroom, 62% said they'd still do it. 21% said they'd relocate and let the dog stay! And 17% said they wouldn't do it.

Though 53% of the humans we polled said that their dog never stared at them during the act, 25% said their pup did and it totally creeped them out. 22% it didn't bother them at all!

Pups actually on the bed during sex is a different story, however: 68% said absolutely not! 22% said it still wasn't a big deal. And 9% said it happens all the time.

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