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The Results From Our Dogs & Love Survey

The Results From Our Dogs & Love Survey

. 3 min read

It's that time of year again—when pet parents wish they could skip the whole human Valentine's Day thing and go on a date with their pup instead! At least that's one of the truths our Dogs and Love Survey revealed. Turns out, most of us would rather share our feelings with our four-legged companions. Here are some of the other amorous highlights:

Emotional Pup-port

89% of respondents polled said they rely on their dog for emotional support. 90% said their dog helps them feel less stressed, and 90% of singles said their pup helps them feel less lonely. 51% of married respondents said their dog is the best listener in their life and 75% said their pup shows them the most affection.

Puppy Love

While 62% of singles say they love their dog the most, 42% who are in a relationship or married say they love their dog the most, compared to 31% for their partner. And 65% of people think their dog loves them the most--more than their partner, friends, parents, siblings, and children!

Dog Dates

96%  of people polled wouldn’t date someone who doesn’t like dogs (we don't blame them). And 99% wouldn’t date someone who doesn’t like their dog. Whereas 85% wouldn’t date someone if their dog didn’t like them. 39% of people have brought their dog on a date and only 34% of single people have used their dog to try to meet someone. When it comes to Valentine's Day, 59% of pet parents said they'd rather spend it on a date with their dog!

Animal Attraction

70% of singles said it’s a “turn-on” when someone's dating profile has a photo of a dog. Other animals are another matter, though: 33% say they’re less attracted to people with cats and 35% say they’re less attracted to people with birds. 18%  say they’re less attracted to people with fish.

Bedside Manners

94% of pet parents polled said their dog sleeps in their bedroom, and 73% let their dog sleep in bed with them. When it comes to more intimate bedroom behavior, 71% say their dog has walked in on them having sex: 55% let their dog stay in the room when this happens, and only 15% make their dog leave.

Holiday Treats

The vast majority--95% of pet parents--give their dogs presents--the top occasions are the holidays, their dogs' birthday, and Valentine's Day. And 44% will cook a special meal for their pup, with the top occasion being their birthday, again, followed by the holidays. Sweet potato strips for Thanksgiving, anyone?