DIY Food Puzzles That Will Occupy Your Dog for Hours

. 3 min read

If your dog is showing signs of boredom (e.g., chewing on your stuff, digging holes, watching endless reruns of KUWTK), the solution might be right under your nose—or your kitchen counter, or maybe even in your recycling bin. We found five simple dog puzzles you can put together in minutes that will keep your pup occupied while you pin all your newfound DIY skills.

1. The One with a Muffin Tin
DIY fod puzzles, muffin tin
Yes Missy
That muffin tin you haven't used since the great cupcake revolution of 2005? Place a few pieces of food or treats in the cups, then top them with tennis balls. When your dog successfully removes the ball, there's a tasty reward!

2. The One with a Box in a Box in a Box
DIY food puzzles, boxesMy Westie Vash
Time to put all those Amazon boxes in your recycling bin to good use. Pick three boxes that can nest inside each other. Place a favorite treat inside the smallest one, then fold the top closed and place it top-down inside the middle box. Repeat the process, placing the middle box inside the biggest box. Watch your dog work his way to the treat like a canine version of Russian nesting dolls.

3. The One with a Spliced Tennis Ball

DIY food puzzles, tennis ballInstructables
The tennis ball that you thought had been fetched to death can take on a second life: Use a box cutter or utility knife to cut a smile-shaped arc that follows the white line. Squeeze the sides of the ball to open it up, pop a treat or two inside, then toss it to your dog for a challenge she will love to hate and hate to love.

4. The One with a Milk Jug
DIY food puzzles, milk jug
Rinse out and dry an empty milk jug, then cut a hole or two on each side of the jug, just a little bit bigger than a piece of kibble or a training treat. Place a generous handful of food or treats inside, cap it and give it to the dog. As she plays, turning and shaking it, treats will pop out.

5. The One with a Toilet Paper Roll
DIY food puzzles, toilet paper roll
Using the last square of toilet paper has never led to such happiness. Pop a treat inside an empty roll, then fold the ends in on each other. Boom, you've got a dog puzzle. Toss it to your dog and watch her work her way to the treat inside.

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