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Meet the Bravest Dogs on Instagram

Meet the Bravest Dogs on Instagram

. 2 min read

They're officially known as MWDs, or Military Working Dogs, highly trained canines that face the brutality of combat and dangers of war side by side with our soldiers. Unofficially, they're known as "the forgotten heroes" of military service, often unacknowledged when we honor our troops. That's why, with Memorial Day upon us, as we salute the men and women who serve our country, we're introducing you (via Instagram) to some of these four-legged freedom fighters. Follow them, get inspired, and join us in celebrating them—this weekend and always.

MWD Life

Military working dogs, Axle and his handler

Take a peek into the life of one German Shepard MWD named Axle and his handler, where you'll see shots of training exercises, leisure time (enjoying a Kong treat in the middle of a puddle), and even some grueling desk work.

The Forgotten Heroes

Military working dogs, jumping out of a plane

A collection of photos from American MWDs around the world that will leave you not only inspired, but picking your jaw off the floor. Whether they're jumping from planes, sniffing out bombs, or dressed in full combat gear, these loyal soldiers take "man's best friend" to an entirely new level.

MWD Team Support Association

Military working dogs, solider and puppies

The official Instagram account for the non-profit MWD Team Support Association, an organization dedicated encouraging support to benefit active duty and retired U.S. military working dogs and dog handlers, is filled with photos of brave military dogs (and puppies). Plus, you'll find great ways to show your own support.

Asur Blind Hero

Military working dogs, Asur, a retired MWD

While serving with the US Marines in Afghanistan, this brave bomb-sniffing German Shepard named Asur became blind during his deployment. Now retired, he was rescued by Bonnie-Jill Laflin, an animal activist and NBA scout. Follow his life and misadventures as a beloved veteran.

Dogs of Freedom

Military workind dogs, dog working with veteran

In addition to amazing training videos and funny memes, this feed shares the stories of military working dogs, police K9s, and service dogs. Whether on active duty or working with veterans to rehabilitate them after returning home, these dogs and their tales of compassion and bravery are the definition of inspiring.

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