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Ollie Foodie: Bogey the Golden Retriever

Ollie Foodie: Bogey the Golden Retriever

. 3 min read

We hear from humans almost every day about how our food has made their pups healthier and happier (and exponentially more excited about mealtime.) In this series, we'll share some of the stories that make us especially proud to fill dogs' bowls with wholesome goodness.

Sometimes pet parents feel destined to meet their pup—and that was definitely the case with Bogey's dog mom, Jessi Nunez: after she had been told that the litter of Golden Retrievers she was counting on had one less puppy than expected, her breeder found her another baby who needed a loving home. "Without hesitation, I told her he was ours," she says. "We cannot imagine life without him now." At five months, Bogey is thriving with his new family, socializing, going to the beach, and getting serious cases of the zoomies. And he's growing every day, as he gobbles up his Ollie meals.

"At eight weeks old, Bogey was already walking himself home. Chill to the bone, he would rather hang out with you on the couch versus play with his toys. He is extremely observant, even watches TV at times, wondering what’s happening on the screen (his favorite is Family Guy). And above all else, extremely loving, sweet and loyal."

"Before Ollie, we were feeding Bogey kibble. We had always known of the risks associated with feeding kibble, but it did not hit home for us until we watched “Pet Fooled” on Netflix. The decision to switch Bogey from kibble to a real, human-grade diet was based on love. If we ourselves try and make conscious decisions to stay away from foods that are bad for us, wouldn’t it make sense to take on that same perspective for our pets?"

"Ollie caught our attention after much research. We have read about foods on all different ends of the spectrum, from kibble to raw. For us, Ollie offered a choice that we could be confident in because it offered real ingredients. No by-products. No “meals.” No weird items that we couldn’t even pronounce or had never even heard of. Ollie works with veterinarian and nutritional experts to ensure that their recipes are complete and balanced for all life stages, so we don't need to add any supplements to our pups food!"

"Bogey’s coat is softer, shinier and his energy levels are way up. Bogey is around other pups often and has never been sick. We feel that Ollie is helping to contribute to a strong immune system. Bogey, like many dogs, is very food driven, and when there is Ollie in the picture, he is most obedient. Best of all, Bogey now wags his tail while he is eating. He has never done that before when we fed him kibble. Nothing makes me happier than to see him enjoy the food he is eating."

"On top of everything else, we absolutely love Ollie’s flexibility. We aren’t tied to any contracts or minimum orders, and are able to adjust our shipments month to month as needed. We can pause or push a box back if we wish. This showed us that Ollie is here to help, and that is important to me as a consumer. We are thankful for a company that keeps it real.

The Ollie blog is devoted to helping pet parents lead healthier lives with their pups. If you want to learn more about our fresh, human-grade food, check out