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6 Leashes That Will Impress at the Dog Park

6 Leashes That Will Impress at the Dog Park

. 2 min read

Unlike doggie parkas and pup umbrellas (yes these actually exist) leashes are a necessary accessory. Yes, you can clip on any old snoozy version, or you can use it as an excuse to express your pup’s personality (without decking him out in a full-on outfit). Some of our favorite ways to give them a new leash on life:

The totally on-trend leash

impressive dog leashes, trendy tassles
Tassels are so hot right now.

Wedding Dog Leash from The Atlantic Ocean

The rainbow bright leash

impressive dog leashes, rainbow bright
Shy pups need not apply.

Prismatic Rope Dog Leash from Found My Animal

The traditional leather leash
impressive dog leashes, traditional leather For those who like to kick it old school.

Traditional Lead from Bold Lead Designs

The warm and fuzzy leash

impressive dog leashes, warm and fuzzy
Shearling-lined for those with cold paws.

Wagwear Suede Shearling Leash

The boho chic leash

impressive dog leashes, boho chic
For the Coachella-inclined.

Brown Dog Lead from Grey Paw Design

The feel-good leash

impressive do leashes, rope leash for charity
Five percent of all the profits go to rescues and shelters.

The Skinny Rope Dog Leash from RESQ/CO

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