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Easy DIY Toys Your Pup Will Love to Play With

Easy DIY Toys Your Pup Will Love to Play With

. 2 min read

All pet parents have been there—you buy your pup a boatload of chew-worthy toys only to have them obsessed with the box they came in. Instead of spending money on stuffed ducks they’ll ultimately decapitate or ignore completely, consider making your own! Even if you’re not a particularly handy human, it’s easier and less time-consuming than you think. These clever ideas will keep your pup occupied for hours:

Give an old ball some new life by tying it up in a t-shirt. The new fabric will be much less gross to touch and the braids will give your pup something else to gnaw on.

Ammo the Dachshund

This might be the easiest DIY toy ever: Simply cut open a tennis ball and place (healthy) treats inside it. As your pup chews, fetches, or chases it, they’ll be rewarded with snacks.

Borrow My Doggy

Definitely not for the craft novice, this squeaky shark toy is still worth the effort. It’s made with a tough upholstery fabric so your pup will have a hard time tearing it apart.

Dalmatian DIY

Easier to throw and even more fun to retrieve, this ball and rope toy is also perfect for a game of tug-o-war. All you need is a trusty tennis ball (again) and some old fabric.

With My Camera

One of the most indestructible things to make a dog toy from? Rope. By weaving together two braids you can make this chew ring that’ll stand up to all of the gnawing.


Got some old jeans you'll never wear again? Upcycle them into these adorable denim dog bones—all you need is fiber filler and a squeaker.

Pillar Box Blue

Can't sew? This DIY sock toy is the perfect project. Just stuff an old sock and tie some knots in it—or if your pup loves that crackling sound, insert an empty water bottle and let them go to town.

Proud Dog Mom

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