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7 Ways You Don’t Realize You’re Actually Annoying Your Dog

7 Ways You Don’t Realize You’re Actually Annoying Your Dog

. 2 min read

The wagging tail, the jumping, the licking—there’s nothing better than a happy dog greeting you at the door as soon as you come home. But have you ever experienced a dog who’s annoyed with you? Yep, dogs can be just as eyerolling as teenagers. Here’s what you’re doing that might be pissing off your pup:

You Walk Too Slow

Sparky’s got places to go people to see! You might be texting and walking, but this is your pup’s biggest event of the day—socializing at the dog park. So hurry up and lift those human feet faster!

You Pet Other Dogs

Ahem. It’s one thing to fawn over a puppy while your dog’s in daycare. It’s another to do it right in front of his eyes! Rude.

You Say the Words “Treat” or “Food” Unrelated to Feeding Him

Sure, Bingo doesn’t speak English, but he’s learned a few key words here and there—two of the most important, of course, being related to his undying appetite. So when you say, “My treat!” offering up a round of Dairy Queen cones after a great game of tee-ball or, “Dinner’s on the table!” letting the party know food is served, you’re crossing some wires with your always-hungry four-legged friend.

You Inadvertently Touch Her Food

The moment you open the fridge to grab some grapes, she’s hopped off the comfiest spot on the couch to await her meal. But then…it never comes. Sure, it wasn’t purposeful, but now you’ve got her counting down the hours, minutes and second until it’s time for dinner.

You’re Eating Steak for Dinner

Are you seeing a theme here? Stop toying with your pup's emotions through food! C’mon man. Franklin’s been sitting patiently at your feet for the last 90 minutes listening to you pontificate on this season of True Detective and you can’t spare a scrap?

You're hugging him. Again.

Not every pup loves PDA. In fact, some dogs prefer to have their space. So as much as you looooove wrapping your arms around Cooper's neck and giving him a squeeze, he might hate it! Here's how to tell.

You Stopped Throwing the Tennis Ball.

Winnie wasn’t done playing fetch…she's never done. So why’d you stop?

You Brought Home a Cat