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How Animal Haven Is Putting Rescue Pups on the Road to Recovery

How Animal Haven Is Putting Rescue Pups on the Road to Recovery

. 2 min read

Being a rescue pup is hard enough, right? But being a rescue pup with serious medical needs? In most places, the odds are seriously stacked against you. Unless you're taken in by Animal Haven. The non-profit shelter in New York City—and one of our shelter partners—not only helps abandoned dogs from all over the world find their forever homes. It also helps pups with extreme medical conditions get the treatment they need through their Recovery Road Fund.

It all started around ten years ago with a pup named Tinkerbell: she suffered from a terrible skin disease when they first found her—but by starting the Fund, they were able to raise enough money to get her treated. She was eventually adopted and went on to live a happy life! Since then, Animal Haven has helped hundreds of cats and dogs get the veterinary care they need—from cancer treatment to aqua-therapy to laser treatments. "It allows us to say yes to more difficult cases," says Tiffany Lacey, Executive Director and President.

The animals are mainly treated in New York City, and then fostered and adopted through Animal Haven. When we heard about the amazing work they were doing, we knew we had to support the cause. So every month, we donate money to help fund treatment for some of the Recovery Road pups—here are a few of their stories:


When Cody first arrived at Animal Haven from the city shelter, he had irritated, painful skin because of his Cushing's Disease—a manageable adrenal condition, it had gone untreated for a long time. The AH staff instantly fell in love with the pup's sweet personality and were able to get him onto the right medication. Now his skin is healing and his fur is growing fast!


Rescued from a city shelter in Los Angeles, Penny is a five month old Schnauzer/Chihuahau mix who has a heart valve blockage issue that requires daily medication and possibly surgery, so she needs extra medical attention.  Despite this condition, she is a lovable, playful puppy who is a little shy and takes a while to warm up to new humans!

Miami Max

Max's rescue story is one of the more heartbreaking ones at the shelter: he was saved after being dragged behind a car for miles, injuring his legs and side. Animal Shelter pulled him from the Miami Dade Shelter, and brought him to NYC to take care of him. After a lot of medical treatment, Max is on the mend. And despite the cruelty he endured, Max is a sweet pup who loves to dole out kisses.

If you're interested in adopting these pups or want to learn more about the Recovery Road Fund, check out the Animal Haven site!