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Now Your Pup Can Booze With You Too (Sort Of)

Now Your Pup Can Booze With You Too (Sort Of)

. 2 min read

You’re probably stocking up on some vino and bubbly to ring in 2018 (and likely say good riddance to 2017!) Now your pup can join the party: Several brands are producing wine, champagne and beer specifically formulated for dogs. So what’s in the beverages? For starters, no grapes: “These drinks have a combination of herbal supplements and a liquid carrier, like water or fish oil,” says Lindsey Bullen, DVM, DACVN, a small animal clinical nutritionist at the Veterinary Specialty Hospital of the Carolinas. The beer and bubbles often have flavoring from chicken or beef. Other ingredients might include a vegetable juice like beet, natural herbs and honey.

They’re all non-alcoholic, of course, and contain natural ingredients that might have a calming effect. Varieties from companies like Apollo Peak and Pet Winery boast ingredients like chamomile, which has been proven to be relaxing for pups, and some even contain cannibidiol (or CBD, the compound in marijuana that’s relaxing but not mind-altering)—all of which the brands claim can help canines unwind.

But the potential calming effect doesn’t seem to be the biggest draw. “Our consumers like the fact that they can give their best fur-friends a healthy beverage and cheers to them,” says Taryn Nahm, Pet Winery cofounder and CEO. She says the wines can also be a great meal enhancer for dogs that aren’t keen on dry food, if you pour some on top. Here are a few of our favorite picks for when you want to cheers with your pup:

Pet Winery Dog Pawrignon

This "champagne" is made with filtered water, a dash of organic food coloring, and Alaskan salmon oil to give pups a dose of omega-3 fatty acids, to support a shiny coat and brain health. The oil may also serve as an anti-inflammatory and help ease achy joints.

Apollo Peak Chardognay

This white "wine" blends chamomile extract with a mixture of water and yellow beet juice to promote a calming effect on your canine.

Woof and Brew Pawsecco

This British brand's take on bubbly is made of natural herbal ingredients and infused with elderflower, linden blossom, and ginseng. There's a white and a rose option, for pups who prefer to drink pink.

Pet Winery Bark Brew

This non-boozy take on beer includes a dose of glucosamine, the inflammatory properties in which might ease older dogs’ aches. It also contains hemp oil, intended to help your pup relax.

When it comes to serving size, it really depends on the how big or small your pup is, says Nahm. Large dogs can enjoy a full bottle of the wine or beer or half a bottle of the champagne, while smaller dogs should consume only half that amount. It’s important to consider a proper serving size because some of the wines on the market have sugar from beet or sweet potato juice: "Beets are very high in oxalates, so any patient with a history or predisposition to forming stones should be careful," says Bullen. Always check with your vet before serving your pup something new!

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