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A note from our CEO on COVID-19

A note from our CEO on COVID-19

. 2 min read

Like many of you, the team here at Ollie is heartbroken by the impact COVID-19 has had on our community.

I’d like to first reassure you that we remain committed to Ollie’s primary mission of providing dog parents with the freshest and highest quality food, on a regular basis, for their beloved dogs. As an essential business - per shelter-in-place definitions - we continue to operate without interruption, and offer home delivery to 100% of our customers across the US.

Furthermore, we recognize that there are undeniable challenges for many at this highly unpredictable time. At Ollie, we want to help those most in need. Those impacted by job losses. Those impacted by limitations on their ability to leave their homes due to their risk profile. And we want to especially help the first responders and health care professionals for their service to our community.  

As a result, we are launching three key initiatives to help those most impacted by COVID-19:

  • Partnership with the Humane Society - We are proud to partner with the Humane Society through their Pets for Life program, donating over 2,000 meals to pups in communities severely affected by COVID-19. The Pets for Life program addresses the inequity and lack of access to pet resources to people in underserved communities. Initially, Ollie will be working with the communities of Atlus, OK and Yakima, Washington.

  • Giving back to the Ollie Community - I’m pleased to share that Ollie is donating over 3,000 meals to dog owners, nominated personally by our customers, who are most impacted by COVID-19. Over the past few weeks we’ve heard your stories of job instability and displacement, difficulty obtaining home essentials, and deep concern for the safety of your families. As always, we want to support our Ollie family as much as we can, so we’ve turned to our customers to tell us who needs our support most and to ship them food as quickly as possible.

  • First Responders & Medical Staff - Finally, we want to help the individuals - and their dogs - who are keeping all of us safer. Kicking off on April 17th, first responders and health care professionals will receive 60% off their first box of Ollie, in partnership with Those on the front lines will be fighting COVID-19 for months to come - and Ollie will be right there with them. We hope this will help our brave service professionals conveniently keep their pups safe and fed at this challenging time.

If you are a healthcare professional or first responder, verify your identity with when you checkout with Ollie. Your discount will be automatically applied.

As pup parents and human parents ourselves, we understand this is a difficult and uncertain time for everyone. We remain committed to prioritizing the safety of our customers and their pups, providing contact-free delivery, highly-regulated kitchen standards, and reliability that we’ll always show up at your door on time,  when you need us.  As we practice social distancing with millions of Americans, we stand with our community and know that while the road ahead will be challenging, we will come out of this stronger, together.

Nick Stafford