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A Day in the Life of an Ollie Dog: Winston the Bulldog

A Day in the Life of an Ollie Dog: Winston the Bulldog

. 2 min read

Being an Ollie dog definitely has its perks: fresh, delicious meals delivered to your house is a major one for most pups. But we wanted to know, what does the rest of the day—other than mealtime—look like for these lucky canines? (Also, we just like looking at pictures of adorable dogs.) So we asked some of our biggest fans to share a daily photo diary with us.

Sir Winston (or Winnie as his humans sometimes call him) is a one-year-old bullie living the good life in Freehold, New Jersey. He's a real family man who loves naps (who doesn't?!), staying fit on his treadmill and, of course, his Ollie meals. He was about five pounds overweight and used to have minor allergies to his kibble, but he's leaned out and his skin has smoothed over since he started eating our food. Here's what a day in the life of Sir Winston looks like:

Winston likes to start the day by sleeping in on his chaise lounge.

First order of business: sniffing out his Ollie breakfast!

Winston rocks his Top Gun jacket for chilly morning walks.

Naptime number one (replete with burger toy.)

All rested up and ready to exercise on the ol' treadmill!

Naptime number two after the workout, as it should be.

Look what happens when you're sleeping...Ollie arrives!

Quick walk (and outfit change) pre-dinnertime.

Trying to eat alllllll the Ollie for dinner.

Back on the chaise for a good night's sleep

Check out Winston's video about Ollie on his YouTube channel, and follow him on Instagram!

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