5 Workouts to Do With Your Dog

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Statistics suggest that working out with a buddy increases your chances of sticking to an exercise regime, but nobody ever said that buddy couldn't have four legs and a furry demeanor. Working out with your dog is a great way for both of you to burn some calories while bonding, and--BONUS--he won't cancel on you last minute because of a pedicure appointment.

Here are 5 good-for-both-of-you workouts to try:

  1. Take a hike. (No, really.) Outdoor exploration is Dog Nirvana. Even if you consider yourself indoorsy, it's impossible to resist the contagious excitement and pace of a dog on the trail. Pack some water for both of you and follow his lead up the path.

  2. Cross-country skiing. An amazing full-body winter workout is made entertaining with your dog keeping pace, sometimes running ahead to frolic in the snow.

  3. Swimming. Swimming laps=boring. Swimming with your lap dog=amazing. Dogs LOVE swimming in an all-caps kind of way, and playing around in the pool is a great workout sesh for both of you. And just in case you think swimming laps burns more calories, doing the doggy paddle (aka treading water) burns about 100 calories in ten minutes and works your core to the core.

  4. Biking. If running together is a mismatch (your bum knees vs. his bionic pace), hop on your two-wheeler. You bike, he runs alongside and you both get a great workout. For the super advanced put your dog in a trailer attached to the bike!

  5. Frisbee. You're used to tossing a frisbee to tire out your dog, but there's no rule book that says the tosser can't be the chaser too. Toss the frisbee and race your dog to retrieve it. Sure, most often you'll come in second place, but second-place calories burned still count.

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