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6 Fun Ollie Facts to Celebrate This Major Milestone

6 Fun Ollie Facts to Celebrate This Major Milestone

. 2 min read

Delivering five million meals means we've fed a LOT of pups our nutritious, human-grade food (and made countless dogs drool all over the country.) In honor of this momentous canine occasion, we've done a little digging into our data and found some pretty cool stats we wanted to share with you, our dear human readers:

There are actually a few of them in the one pound club: Yuki, Princess Minnie, Paris, Moxi, and Lola.

We've served 54,553 pounds of Vitamin A-rich carrots, to keep your dog's eyes healthy (and their taste buds happy too.)

Other looooong names have included Oliver Albert Einstein, Lucas Atkinson Deveroux, Little Jerry Seinfeld, Rudy Squigglebutt III, and Sir Pancake Bacon Fox.

We've cooked 5,582 pounds of antioxidant-packed blueberries, which help protect your pup's heart (and taste delicious.)

His name is Kalliope—and that means he's eaten a LOT of Ollie.

We've shipped 395,211 pounds of beef, which makes it our most popular recipe for pups (and Ollie 'chefs') like this.