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The Top Pup Wellness Trends for 2019

. 2 min read

Humans have their crystals and Goop-ified diets, always looking for the next best thing in self-care. And pet parents aren't much different! Read on for some of the trends we expect to be big in the new year, from pup blowouts to tech-y dog beds.

On demand vet care

Parenting a pup can be a full-time job, and it requires a lot of hands-on attention. So any services that add convenience are a plus in our book. Enter on-demand vet care. Vetted—currently available in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City—brings local veterinarians to your home for wellness examinations and other medical care when your pup is sick. Or download an app like Treat for veterinary house calls and private in-home obedience training with a certified animal behaviorist. Bonus: most pet insurance policies will cover on-demand veterinary care, as long as it’s administered by a licensed veterinarian. You can find out more about how various providers compare by visiting non-biased review sites such as,, or

Glamsquad for dogs

Okay, so your pup might not be getting glammed up for a big black-tie event and need an at-home updo, but even the most standard grooming can be done in the comfort of your home with new on-call services. The app Treat also offers in-home nail trims and de-shedding services while K9 Glam Squad offers mobile haircuts, warm water hydro baths with massage, and bow and bandana ’dos. Bonus: They also boast a brush and blowout service for pups who are feeling a little bit diva.

Alternative and holistic care

Massage offers dogs some of the same benefits as humans: improved blood circulation, loosened-up muscles, and decreased stress. Places like Dancing Dog Massage in LA offer 30- to 60-minute sessions combining various forms of massage with stretching and aromatherapy. Doggie spas, like the one at New York Dog Nanny, offer trendy treatments including body work, reiki, and ayurvedic baths. One of the biggest growing trends in this category is CBD oil for pups. It's made with cannibidiol, the compound in marijuana that’s relaxing but not mind-altering. Oils and treats with CBD, like those from brands Honest Paws and Dope Dog, might help your canine calm down and can ease allergies, skin issues, and older pets’ arthritis or other joint problems.

More personalized meals

Gone are the days of throwing any old bag of dog food into your grocery cart. Quality and sustainability are increasingly important for many pet parents when selecting their pups’ meals. Alternative proteins, primarily those derived from plants, are also on the rise, according to insights from Innova Market Insights; pea protein in pet food increased 23 percent from 2015 to 2017. The ability to carefully select what goes into your dog’s stomach is key: meals at Ollie are made with natural, human-grade ingredients and customizable based on your dog’s unique profile, including their age, breed, activity level and allergies. Enter your pup’s ideal weight and we’ll determine the perfect portion size for them.

"Smart" dog beds

Maybe you let your pup sleep in your bed (no judgment here!) But if you don't, new smart beds offer a downright luxurious sleep experience with extra-intelligent details. Pup IQ pads are stuffed with a cushy fill for comfortable support, and they’re wrapped in an innovative suede covering that’s waterproof, antibacterial, and machine washable. Beds from Petrics are even more technical, with a built-in scale and climate control to regulate the temperature based on your dog’s size and breed. Add their activity tracker to your dog’s collar and connect it with the app for insights about their activity and rest patterns too.