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10 Things Only Pomeranian Parents Understand

10 Things Only Pomeranian Parents Understand

. 2 min read

The tiny, fluffy, yippy Pomeranian sometimes seems like a caricature of a pup—you half-expect to turn one over and find an on/off switch and battery portal. But this dainty little dog (made famous by Queen Victoria) is anything but delicate and demure: there’s an overabundance of personality and smarts in the fox-faced little furball. Anyone who loves a Pom knows…

They can mind their Ps and Qs

Smart and obedient, the Pomeranian is a highly trainable breed that loves learning agility tricks (though may struggle to raise a pinky finger while sipping tea).

They don’t need Buckingham Palace to thrive

Topping out at about seven pounds, the petite Pom feels perfectly content in small spaces, making them an ideal apartment pup and purse-as-side-car sidekick.

They’ll volunteer to be your first love

Between their easy size, razor sharp smarts, and mafia-level loyalty, the Pomeranian makes a perfect first dog, well-suited for newbie pet parents.

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They have diplomatic relationships with cats

The Pomeranian is a loyal family member, even if that family includes a cat. They don’t mind sharing sun puddles, water bowls, and (occasionally) your love with feline friends.

They can talk your ear off

Known to be a little yippy, the Pom has a lot to say. Mostly, “Hey! Look at me! Are you looking at me?” and, “Omg, there’s somebody at the door! There is somebody at the door!”

They are really into "hygge"

Since they sport a luxurious spice-colored double coat year-round, Poms prefer cooler temps and will politely decline invitations to your friends’ destination Caribbean weddings.

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They need a punch card at the dry bar

A thick double coat of fur requires regular brushing to keep it 100% pom-azing (and keep shedding under control). Most Poms enjoy this daily ritual with their humans, and seem to understand the emotional boost of a good hair day.

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They don’t have a wandering eye

The Pomeranian doesn’t need a leash to stay nearby because love and loyalty are in their DNA. Their power ballad would profess that not even a nearby squirrel could tear them away from you.

They love giving back

Because of their fun-loving spirit, unbridled affection, and overwhelming fluffy cuteness, the Pom makes an excellent therapy dog (officially or unofficially).

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They’re in it for the long haul

One of the longer-living breeds, a Pomeranian can enjoy good health for up to 16+ years, requiring ample space in your family photo albums and potentially a commissioned portrait to hang above the mantle.

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