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Three Colorful Truths About Your Dog's Eyesight

Three Colorful Truths About Your Dog's Eyesight

. 2 min read

Pancho here. I wrote a poem for you:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Dogs know this,
Did you know this too?

Okay, I’m still working on my poetry, but bear with me. I have a few thoughts on color for you.

  1. Dogs are NOT colorblind. Sure, we don’t see colors as vividly as you, but we aren’t limited to shades of black, white and gray as many humans suppose. Our color field consists of mostly yellows, greens and violets, but we can definitely tell that you are wearing purple yoga pants with those hideous striped neon fuzzy socks. For the third time this week. These are the outfits that make us wish for colorblindness.
    dogs and color, color chart for dogs and humans

  2. The color of my tongue can tell you a lot about my health. My pink tongue is like a health report card. It means that I have good circulation, ample blood vessels and healthy organs. If you notice abnormal colors or textures on my tongue, call the vet. Unless, of course, you’ve left the lollipop dish on the coffee table again. In that case, I have eaten a few to teach you a lesson. (And remember, select breeds like Chows have distinctly black tongues, so for them, black is the new pink.)dogs and color, dog with tongue out

  3. Dogs with different eye colors aren’t half-blind. My friend Rico has one blue eye and one brown. Some people think this indicates blindness in the blue eye, but it’s just a totally badass birth mark of sorts. Other people think it means these dogs can look into heaven and earth at the same time, to which Rico rolls both eyes and says, “Whatevs.”


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