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The 5 Pups Who Stole Our Hearts at the New York Pet Expo

The 5 Pups Who Stole Our Hearts at the New York Pet Expo

. 2 min read

Last weekend we set up shop at the New York Pet Expo in Brooklyn to introduce the lucky dogs there to our food—and to get to know some of the other awesome up-and-coming pup companies. We wound up falling in love with pretty much all of the canine attendees, and got a few of our favorites to mug for our camera.

New York Pet Expo, pitbull

The pitbull who just might be the kindest, most gentle animal on the planet.

New York Pet Expo, dog eating Ollie food

The sweet mutt who could not get enough of our food and kept licking her chops!

New York Pet Expo, baby bulldog

The baby bulldog who got all the attention but got on the table just to get some more.

New York Pet Expo, bulldog tattoo

And the adult bulldog who convinced his owner to tattoo his face on her leg.

New York Pet Expo, pomeranian

The blinged out Pomeranian who injured his limb but couldn't stop smiling anyways.

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