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5 Healthy Super Bowl Recipes for Your Pup

5 Healthy Super Bowl Recipes for Your Pup

. 2 min read

As far as we're concerned, the best thing about that big football game on Sunday (other than the Puppybowl, obviously) is the food. Unfortunately, one very important guest is typically left out of the epic feast: your pup! Instead of shooing them away from the snack table—or sneaking them something with too much cheese on it—whip up some of these Super Bowl-inspired treats that are actually good for them (unlike that 8-layer dip you're planning on eating.)

Beef Chili Bake


No Super Bowl party is complete without chili! This recipe is made with a whole lotta beef, macaroni and carrots, which are a great source of vitamin A for pups. Just go easy on the cheese.

Chicken Sliders


Who knew healthy sliders existed?! This recipe uses a potato bun instead of bread and strawberry jam instead of ketchup. Plus lean chicken and spinach, which is a pup superfood.

Pigs in a Blanket


There's no need to deprive your pup of this Super Bowl staple. The dough for these piggies substitutes salt, butter, and sugar with honey and olive oil, making these treats good for your dog's skin and digestive tract.

Sweet Potato Strips

My Life Cookbook

Skip the Doritos and Fritos and make these sweet potato chips for both of you: they're loaded with beta-carotene, B6, vitamin C and manganese, nutrients that will keep your dog's belly happy.

Yogurt Dip


Chips require dip! Technically, this recipe is meant to be frozen, but yogurt, peanut butter and bananas mixed together are a pup's dream dip for those sweet potatoes.

Doggy "Beer"

Bowser Beer

It's time to (responsibly) turn up with your pup. This beer is non-alcoholic and consists of chicken, beef or pork broth. Cheers!

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